Case Solved : Why Gurucharan Singh left Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah


Newsroom is back with another case and this time it is a low profile case which is everyone’s question that why did Gurrucharan quit the show,

First let us analyze the situation!

Firstly,there was no tif between Asit Modi and Gurucharan Singh,which is basically a rumor and is not true.Neela Telefilms tried all possible ways to convince Gurucharan Singh but he was in a arrogant mode of saying no and also the channel sources went ahead to tell,”We offered Gurucharan a raise in payment also but he didn’t revert to us and was a playing a harsh game with the production and channel.”

Conclusion of the case!

Gurucharan Singh told the channel that he was tired of playing the same role for years and now he wanted to experiment new roles and plus he was offered a couple of films and outdoor events .Asit Modi was saddened hearing this news and it was not just few days when he got the news that Mrs Sodhi aka Jennifer Mistry needs to leave the show due to pregnancy and as you say Asit Modi took the entire risk of replacing the Sodhi couple. Even news came last week that Neela Telefilms and the channel are trying to bring Gurucharan Singh back in the show but he doesn’t want to come back.

Verdict : Give Laad Singh Maan (Mr Sodhi) and Dilkhush Reporter(Mrs Sodhi) time as news is come in that they will get more screen space to prove them selves to the audience and it was Gurucharan’s decision to leave the show and he was not kicked out but he quit the project which gave him success.

Newsroom — Niharika Sawant
Case Solved – For more details see the above tab on Newsroom


2 thoughts on “Case Solved : Why Gurucharan Singh left Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah

  1. Thank you
    I know there are some stupid people running pages on Facebook to bring Sodhi couple back but don’t they have brains that their so called Gurucharan left the show by himself
    Selfish Gurucharan

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