Karan Singh Grover clears his stand and Zee again blames Karan Singh Grover


Newsroom took a deep analysis of the current situation and we still find it as a rude shock that a leading GEC like Zee TV is defaming a actor and that too who was part of their hit show Qabool Hai.

Newsroom doesn’t take any one’s side but it’s clearly significant that Zee TV is defaming a actor.First time a channel tweets about a actor quitting.Yes,it’s true Zee TV’s verified twitter account tweeted about Karan not being part of Qabool Hai.

Karan Singh Grover further talks to Newsroom and he said,”I released a statement on a portal yesterday and I was willing to forget everything and start a fresh as I am suffering from health issues.If taking care of health is throwing tantrums than I am ready to take all the blames from the channel.”

On asking about the defamation against him done by the channel he replied,”I am not commenting on this now as I don’t want to give the channel publicity from my name.”

We wish both the channel Zee TV and Karan best of luck for their future!



2 thoughts on “Karan Singh Grover clears his stand and Zee again blames Karan Singh Grover

  1. The Members of IF who some are from INDIA want to speak to the media. Very unprofessional by PH and Channel to do what they did. They should not wash their dirty linen in public. This show was doomed even before Karan decided to leave and all to their idiotic and illogical tracks starting from Tanveer than Zoyaan and than added on with Fat Haseena Bhi. If they could not get the story right dont blame it on the One man who brought they show fame and TRPS.

  2. Dear Sir,
    You may or may not get this message as i know that the down lines will probably delete it before you read it but i am still hoping you do manage to read it.

    I am writing in for the millions of fans all over the world and my dear and loyal friends on Indian forums whose hearts ZEE TV has broken yesterday,

    I am sure, people understand that the show must go on but the manner the whole Karan Singh Grover dismissal or resignation was handle is uncalled for. Zee is suppose to be a huge and supposedly reputable organisation, for which i do not think would be handling this matter in such a crude and unprofessional way.

    This same star actor called Karan Singh Grover was working day and night the first 7 months with no complains and he seemed happy doing it. Why were there no complaints of his unprofessional ism than?? This same star actor who put in 12 to 16 hrs a day then, why was his alcoholism not questioned than?? This star actor called Karan Singh Grover gave you trps than, why was his not coming to shoot on time a problem than????

    There are amicable ways to part but putting the whole blame on an actor and tarnishing his name to save yours is not fair. He still has to get work after he leaves.

    Blaming the actor for Crappy tracks that were created by the Production house is unjustified. Where did they have to change the script for Karan Singh Grover.

    As far as i Know Magical with Tanveer was already a part of the script and some of her antics were ridiculous stupid, cruel, wicked and inhuman. I do not think a human being could do many of the things that was shown being done by Tanveer.

    Than Came The accidental Nikah between Zoya and Ayaan. Stupidity at its heights as no such thing is possible in reality. This track took away Karan Singh Grover’s role. They showed two brothers trading a woman for the benefit of their sister. What crap was that by the production House.

    That came that ugly fat lady called Haseena and her disgusting ways and attitude. Eventually she and her family took over the whole of ASAD’s space and Karan Singh Grover was given 5 minutes a week on screen.

    Now tell me which lead actor after all this rubbish shown and trps falling would want to stay on or continue. I am 100% sure if the serial had they proper and logical tracks as well as enough screen space for him, he would have still been in the show. We are still hoping you could work it out and let him finish the serial which i am sure can be wrapped up within 3 months.

    I am hereby attaching just some of the post that were written on IF . Rather i am sending only 5 of the post which do not sound to harsh or crude for your liking.

    P.s If you needed to get rid of someone it should have been the PH or their CV’s who gave us crap and we sat thru it for Karan Singh Grover.

    Sheila Sandhu ( OSH GROUP OF COMPANIES)
    Osh Productions (Mumbai)
    Osh Productions (M) Sdn Bhd
    OneStop Home Solutions Sdn Bhd -Mobile + 6019-2389868,+ 6010-6600001 Fax + 603-80765605
    This e-mail is confidential. It may also be legally privileged.
    If you are not the addressee you may not copy, forward, disclose
    or use any part of it. If you have received this message in error,
    please delete it and all copies from your system and notify the
    sender immediately by return e-mail.

    Internet communications cannot be guaranteed to be timely,
    secure, error or virus-free. The sender does not accept liability
    for any errors or omissions.

    Letter to ZEE.docx

    PSS the five post :-

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    Direct LinkReportQuotePosted: 27 December 2013 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
    The problem with QH is that it was conceived as the story of two brothers ..their bonding and their ultimate clash but by casting KSG as one of the brothers the scales were tilted right from the start.KSG is a potent force and will overpower anyone else on screen with his amazing talent.This was evident in his earlier Armaan avatar as his fans from there are still pleading for another season.When he returned to the small screen after a two year break all these delirious fans followed him to QH …so from the first episode itself QH had a captive audience hooting for Asad.And true to his commitment to his fans KSG did not let them down!He was the lode star that brought the fans in initially and just as he had nurtured great chemistry with his three leads in DMG it was the same in QH ..the Asya chemistry will be remembered forever.This resulted in an imbalance between the two brothers from the start.When Ayaan declared”Bhaijaan hamare beech koi ladki hi ayegi”,it was apparent that the brothers would clash over Zoya!Unfortunately KSG’s sterling performance outshone Ayaan,sending him to the back benches.An effort was made to revive the balance between the two actors/ brothers by replacing Rishab and introducing Vikrant,fresh from his laurels in Lootera.(then too rumours maligned Rishab and his lack of commitment and his yearning for a film role…that seems to be the byline for any actor who quits)
    KSG meanwhile continued to charm all his old fans plus added many more with his perfect interpretation of Asad.
    All this while QH was nothing short of a regressive show.The sparkle was only in KV where KSG dominated with his beloved Ammi,Tamatar and Zoya.The foursome brought some of the most wonderful moments on ITV till the Creatives shattered it all with the appearance of Tanveer and her dirty bag of tricks …an infiltrator from SM to KV to spoil everything that was good about QH.After that QH has always been on a ventilator kept alive by KSG/Asad and his alter ego Zoya along with Dilshaad and Tamatar.The tracks that followed veered on the ludicrous… the several Tanveer attempts to kill Zoya and then convince Asad that he had fathered a child with her on his way to his nikah!! Absolutely inconceivable:(
    Meanwhile SM was on its own crazy path…jadu tona,BadiBi being dragged all over the mansion by Razia,Nikhat’s marriage proposals..all were expendable.
    The only thing that worked and kept the viewers glued to their TV screens was the awesome presence of KSG as Asad.To a legion of his fans the story did not matter ..they just wanted to see KSG on screen every day!They had waited two years for this and were not going to lose him again however illogical and regressive the story was.
    Then GK remembered the original concept of the brother’s clash! To tilt the scale back in Ayaan’s favour she tried the most idiotic twist..the MKK track will always be remembered as one of the most weird not only in QH but on TV.If not for KSG’s presence most viewers would have departed then.But KSG fans will stay as long as he will,whatever is happening on screen in the hope that he will fix it…and fix it he did with the MKJ track.
    The channel and the makers somehow had a death wish…every time he fixed it they put it asunder.Since then it has been a tug of war..not between the brothers(as Vikrant left unable to accept Zoya going back to Asad) and signs of the famous brother’s clash sinking by the day!
    The onus to keep QH afloat was as always on KSG’s shoulders! His was the overpowering presence that brought in loads of fans ..many had abandoned the sinking ship during the Zoyaan track and only returned when Zoya was back with Asad!
    With the next ridiculous twist on the way..Dilshaad moving to SM,I feel Asad/KSG had had his fill…he tried to escape to the US but the falling TRPs created the Dargah track and brought him back.Since the MS with KHHAM it is Asad who has been playing aankh micholi with the audience..in and out of SM and now finally out of QH !
    The moral of the story is that you can not have a multi-cast serial where several characters are to share space evenly and include KSG.It was a casting coup that backfired for the CH/PH. Karan has that towering presence on screen that out-shadows the best.
    They should have taken two actors of the same calibre to maintain their concept…eg Imran and Farhan are equals.
    It is not fair to cast aspersions on KSG and denigrate him so viciously because he is absolutely brilliant!This did not bother the CH when they flew him out to dance his way into the hearts of the South Africans or when he walked barefoot in the burning sands of Pushkar …even as late as ZRA when he awed the audience along with SJ in that shikara act!
    Zee cuts a sorry figure for treating its actors like bonded labour! At the smallest signs of a revolt they bite back viciously and try to ruin the actor who dares …drunken appearances,nonprofessional, unpunctual etc etc.But things are bound to change soon…the winds of change will be brought in by the courage of actors like KSG who can walk the talk.IF the CH does not have the resources to handle their talents they( the channel) will be dropped …the actor will remain with the fans! It is the fans who bring in the TRPS.
    Next time there is a brother’s clash in the pipeline over a girl chose actors of equal ability. Leave KSG for the big stage! Where he will be back soon! Because whoever casts him will get a captive audience from episode one !

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    Direct LinkReportQuotePosted: 26 December 2013 at 9:06am | IP Logged
    well i want to ask u guys do u know d new definition of unprofessionalism?? arey dont run for google.. u wont get it there.. let me tell u its exclusive meaning…
    credit goes to zee tv..
    1. Going thru so much neglectance n still continuing d show is unprofessionalism..

    2. turning d table during tanveer scene n getting hurt but still continue to shoot dat scene is unprofessionalism…

    3. hitting d glass window n getting hurt during zoyaan track n still potraying d emotions brilliantly is unprofessionalism…

    4. giving retakes after retakes to make d scene perfect at 49C in d desert is d biggest example of unprofessionalism…

    5. always giving credit to d show n channel is unprofessionalism…

    6. not being called for shooting for days during some tracks n still after coming doing d scene wid a smile is unprofessionalism…
    n many more examples or shud i say exclusive meanings of d word unprofessionalism…
    I must say i m proud karan dat u r unprofessional… n to d bashers dont stoop so low dat at end of day u cant see urself in d mirror.. but who cares ryt…
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    Direct LinkReportQuotePosted: 27 December 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
    “No One Is Perfect In This World”

    Ksg Is Not Perfect, Asad Is Not Perfect,

    “Two Things Can End Up With A Tag Of Perfection”

    Asad n Ksg > It Was A Perfect Combination Of An Actor n A Character, Made For Each Other Type!

    One Day Ksg Will Comeback On-Screen, Asad Will Also Comeback On The Serial With A New Face!

    But Unfortunately We Will Never Get To See The Perfect Combination Of Asad n Ksg Again!

    This Is Not The End Of Qubool Hai, But This Is The END Of ASAD For Sure!

    Oh! Wait, Not Only Asad, This Is The End Of…

    1, Sangeeta Di’s Symbolisms Posts, 2, Niki’s Red Wala Post, 3. Ankita’s NonStop Bak Bak After Each n Every Episode, 4, Amber’s Ksg Baal Charcha, 5, Moni’s Negative Comments, 6, Honey’s Asad Jaap Posts, 7, Shreya’s Complains 8, Neena’s n Ash’s Preditions, 9, Gita Di’s Beautiful Comments, 10, Tanu’s AsYa Dreams, 11, Oishi’s Spoilers, 12, My Khushi Di’s Question On My Inbox Aaj QH Mein Kya Hua Arpi? n Many More Things!

    Chenel Can Kill A Character , or Change The Face Of A Character, But No One Can Replace The Combination Of An Actor n A Character!

    “Agar Kisi Afsaane Ko Aage Na Lejaya Sake Tho Ushe Kisi Khubsurat Mod Pe Lakar Chod Dena Chahiye”

    Chenel Failed To Do This, No Doubt They Will Pay For It,

    Anyway All I Can Say Is,

    Thank You Ksg, Vikrant, n Gul Khan,

    All The Very Best To Surbhi, Shalini Ji, Alka Ji, Tej n Bakhur Sahab, Sabhnam, Neha, Archana n Mohit,

    n A Spl Thanks To All My Beloved Qubool Hai Forum Friends!

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    Direct LinkReportQuotePosted: 26 December 2013 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
    Okay, first off, am gonna use unparliamentary language in this post, so elitists please stay off Oh and QH, SJ, KSG, Gul Khan, Badi bi and whoever fans please stay off cos you probably wont like this post
    So okay here is the deal..I sit through months of torture, Rishab’s non-acting and Badi bi-Razia shit hoping that i’l finally get an AsYa nikah..But no, we get Tanbitch and Amrapali hamming away to glory in almost every episode for six long months Since am dumb, i sit through that as well hoping it’l all be worth it But what i get is humbistar shit and am scarred for life I get over that too hoping that things will get better..You must have realized by now that am dense as hell So i get a over hyped Ajmer track and a random dream sequence..Once Tanbitch is out, am jumping with joy hoping that finally things will be back to normal..Yeah am optimistic like that And i actually witness cheese overload and random wish fulfilling scenes where the two act like teenagers Fcuk that too..Am sure it’l be alright once they get married..Yeah thats what i thought..Now since i have already established that am dense, am sure you get where am coming from But no, i witness the most obnoxious and illogical twist in the history of Indian Telly..Accidental marriage WOW I skip that track too hoping that if i start afresh once this shit is done, i’l enjoy the show again..Yeah man, am that dense And they wrap it up in a hurry and show what? You guessed it right..Bullshit But am still hoping i’l get my nikah and SR at some point The male lead disappears every other day, they show illogical balderdash and nothing makes sense yet am hoping i’l finally get my nikah The masochist in me still cant stop watching and hoping that things will get better

    Oh and wait, am not done..The male lead sports this fugly hairdo and looks downright horrible in every other epi yet am optimistic enough to hope that he’l get a haircut some day..Any day

    After all this shit, i wake up one day to realize that the male lead has quit or has been sacked or drunk or unprofessional or whatever And they are looking for a replacement Yeah, i guess am the biggest loser here..I know ppl are going on and on about 200 jobs and show must go on and all the jazz but i freakin don care..Yeah, call me insensitive, call me selfish..It doesn’t matter This show long stopped making sense..Family drama, my foot..The story makes no bloody sense The only two characters that mattered to me were Asad & Zoya..Call me an oversensitive AsYa fan..Go on So yeah, i sit through months of shit and get nothing in return? Nothing at all? Apart from heartache of course I care a damn about Grover or Surbhi..But i loved AsYa..Really did..And now its all ruined..

    Asad saw more action with Tanbitch and Zoya saw more action with Ayaan but when its time to get them married, we’l see a different Asad? Are you freaking kidding me? Like really?

    Yeah, am overacting..Call me stupid But this really sucks man..It does..Am not awesome enough to just continue watching and act like nothing ever happened

    Eff you Gul..Don make shows till you can sustain them for more than nine months Oh and learn to deal with your leads in a better manner..You do realize that all this happens to every single show of yours? How come you never learn your lesson?

    Oh and eff you Grover Now you can braid your hair for all i care and take off to Mars in the next NASA expedition

    Eff me for getting invested in this random show and breaking my head over this shit

    Ammi woh bechari nahi hai

    Incredibly foolish

    Dari, huyi, sehmi huyi, phir bhi bahut khoobsoorath

    Ajeeb ladki

    Mai mohabath ka ilzam apne dil pe le chuka hoon

    Ajeeb ladki

    Mat jao Zoya

    Low crotch dhoti pants

    Mr.Khan and Miss.Farooqi

    AsYa KaBhi

    I have clearly lost it Now bash away while i go visit a shrink

    Senior Member
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    Direct LinkReportQuotePosted: 27 December 2013 at 6:13am | IP Logged
    ‘Who Actually’

    ‘Incredibly Foolish’

    ‘Ammi, Who bechari nahin hain’

    ‘Your truth, my truth, our truth’

    ‘Ms.Faaroqui dil mein seena nahin seene mein dil hota hai’

    ‘Agar aapko kuch ho jata tho I would have gone crazy’
    “Dance isse kehte hain Miss Farooqui”
    “Plan isse kehte hain Miss Farooqui”
    “Aap mein itni kashish kyun hai…mere khwabon mein aapke saaye kyun hain…Kyun meri tanhayion mein khalal dalti hain aap…Kyun mere andhero mein Roshni ban kar ati hain…”

    “Main nahi janta mohabbat kisse kehte hain lekin itna janta hoon jab se zoya gayyi hain meri saansein toh chal rahi hain lekin main zinda nahi hoon”

    “Aap ko kuchh chhupane ki zarurat nahi hai..aap isske saath bhi utni hi khubsurat hain”
    “Jo tum mang rahe ho,woh meri jaan se bhi zyaada azeez hai”
    “I want to spoil you Zoya”
    “Zoya sirf meri hai”

    That was Asad Ahmed Khan. And when he said those words, my heart fluttered. And, yes! I fan-girled!

    I remember the Dargah scene, the first time we met this character, and how I instantly fell in love. With the show, the concept, the setting…with Asad.

    I remember how I jumped when he rescued Zoya from Akram.

    I remember how he held her hand, the tunes of ‘Tu Jahan’ in the background- I had butterflies flying that time!

    I remember how he lost the cricket quiz to zoya! Oh God! The face he made that time 🙂

    I remember how he cringed looking at his dripping coffee mug.

    I remember,Mangalpur. His ZOYAA…wali dahad! The way he cursed himself for letting her go, and then held her in his arms to soothe her after she was all right.
    Wasn’t that Bliss?

    I remember his hidden smiles, behind the newspaper, when Zoya made him sandwiches with those cute smileys!- Gosh! That lopsided, heart stopping smirk-Killer.

    I remember him loosing himself and laughing his heart out (that enchanting and infectious laugh..)..for the first time ever…and then dancing to Bol nah halke halke’

    Then those lines…’Aap mein itni kashish kyun hai..’- that made my heart dance! And the Aww fest began…

    I remember him running to the airport, to stop his lady love from leaving and the way he slipped that ring on her finger! That look of pure contentment on his face!

    His crazy eye-rolls, those sexy six-Packs- I will miss my jahanpanah!

    I will miss his longing stares, the way he hugged (and thanked the almighty above- Always! )
    I will miss his OCD,
    I will miss his fiery eyes; his anger.
    I will miss his cuteness…the fact that a frog was his best friend when he was a kid!

    I will miss his every look, his every word, his every glare…

    I will miss you Mr. Khan.

    Anything and everything about you! Most importantly I will miss the fact that every single day, sharp at 9:30, I jumped in front of the TV, only to watch you! I will miss that!

    I will terribly miss you Asad Ahmed Khan.



    And how can I forget…I will miss you Karan Singh Grover. I remember how my excitement knew no bounds when I got to know that you are finally coming back!

    Thanks a lot for making me fall in love with this extremely arrogant, uptight, prude, a hot head and an insanely handsome, Asad Ahmed Khan.


    Okay guys…I know I sounded very sentimental…I guess I am actually! Can’t help it really. It will take some time to sink in…

    The truth is, whosoever will play the character of Asad will never be in those moments I mentioned. And in those moments I see Asad. Those moments made me fall for him in the first place! With him gone, I don’t think so I will ever be able to connect to this show anymore. I will always love Asad and the person who played him. Wish Karan all the very best! Come back soon dearie…you’ll be missed!

    A warm hug to everyone who feels the same, that it would never be the same again!
    Goodbye Qubool Hai…

    Ps. A big thanks to Sohu_Ksgian and ap3h7u for suggesting me the lines I forgot to mention 🙂

    THESE ARE JUST 5 THAT I HAVE SELECTED. Believe me there 100’s more with thousands and thousands of replies which may accumulate to 1 or 2 million comments

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