Rangrasiya – High quality content back on our TV screens


Newsroom released a article few days back on the Sneak-Peak of Rangrasiya and gave the verdict that the show is a film on TV.

Review (Positive)

Living up to the expectations,Rangrasiya is grand and it’s a good change on TV than the normal Love-Hate stories.Some might disagree that the show is not a love-hate story,although the show is a love-hate story but the difference here is the content which is lavish and a treat to the eyes.

Everything is picture perfect and we couldn’t find even a single flaw in the episodes premiered till now.

Needs to work on –

Actually we don’t think anyone needs to improve in the show as the shows cast has done a brilliant job.

The story is going great and we would like to suggest the makers to not hurry with the show as some things need to be justified still,which shouldn’t be left unjustified as viewers observe everything.

Review of the lead pair –

Sanaya Irani is graceful and elegant as Paro,especially the cute butterfly walk on the sand which was flawless.Not to forget the accent which was just like music to the ears.

Ashish Sharma has surprised us with his hunky looks and mustache.His entry scene with the motor bike was directed perfectly.

Chemistry hasn’t started yet but we can say it will be a rocking chemistry which will catch attention of the viewers.

Final Verdict

Ratings – 5/5

Supporting cast and entire team has done a good job in creating a film on TV.So don’t forget to watch Rangrasiya on Colors TV at 9:30pm every Monday-Friday.



3 thoughts on “Rangrasiya – High quality content back on our TV screens

  1. The review posted by newsroom is certainly correct. Rang Rasiya is a beautiful show by Mr,Saurabh Tiwary which is a delight to watch and brings a fresh experience after watching those mundane daily soaps.
    Sanaya Irani as ‘Paro’ has a delicate and subtle appearance and her carefree and joyous nature with a deep sadness hidden in her heart has a depth which enhances the character and enriches it.
    Asish Sharma does the character of Rudra with robustness and is very convincing as a ‘Angry Young Man’.

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