Sanaya Irani Interview (Part 2) : Newsroom Christmas Special


Part 1

How would you describe your character Paro

She is a girl who want bare wrong and to know more about my character Paro do watch the show.

Media buzzed recently with news of you and Drashti clashing on the same channel..

I think this was cleared many times by me,Drashti is my best friend.I hope both our shows perform well as Madhubala is very popular and hoping the same for Rangrasiya.

You featured in the Sexy List of 2013 (How did it feel)

I feel honored to be featured in the list.

What was your reaction on Mohit’s feminine avatar in Qabool Hai?

OMG (Oh My God) was my reaction initially but this is the TV industry and good Mohit took it in a sporting spirit.



3 thoughts on “Sanaya Irani Interview (Part 2) : Newsroom Christmas Special

  1. Incredible projects come to those who work hard,come rain or shine.May the zeal and perseverance that brought you this new project take you to greater height.Wishing you all the best and love you a lot,SANAYA IRANI.

  2. Sanaya Irani you know your strengths and weaknesses and use your power,energies,resources,skills and capabilities in such a way as to never to show a chink in your armour.As a fan i am proud of you.All the best for Rangrashiya.

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