Nikita Sharma and Ayaz Ahmad fans heart broken after the shocking development


As reported by media,Nikita and Ayaz would be out of the project but there wasn’t clear confirmation about the same but now the situation is become clear to the viewers of Do Dil Ek Jaan.

Kanwar Dhillon will be playing the male lead replacing Ayaz Ahmad in the show while Nikita’s replacement hasn’t been finalized yet.

Nautanki Telefilms and it’s team have got a very negative response from the viewers.

Looking at the negative response many from the TV industry in connection to Do Dil Ek Jaan doubt that the show will last without the leads Nikita and Ayaz.According to our exclusive sources the channel’s agreement with Do Dil Ek Jaan will expire in February 2014.

So we wonder how will Do Dil Ek Jaan survive without the Jaan’s of the show – Nikita and Ayaz.We contacted Ajit Thakhur but he said,”Changes had to be done.”



27 thoughts on “Nikita Sharma and Ayaz Ahmad fans heart broken after the shocking development

  1. I watched DDEJ only for Ayaz and Nikita.. without them there is no DDEJ…. hence i wont be watching the season 2 after the leap… and i am sure there are many more who wont..

  2. bullllllllllllllll shitttttttttttttt………… one will see this serial after leaving niyaz couple.they r the jaan of ddej..

  3. with out ayaz nikitha no body take this place in ddej if they want take leep only with ayaz nikitha with out them no ddej

  4. Cvs& PH Proved That they Don’t Bother & respect Their Loyal Fans.. Let Them Do what they want, who cares?? After Rantara’s Death No more Ayaz & nikita Sooo No More Do Dil Ek Jaan to us.. Ayaz & Nikita Are Souls of #DDEJ With Out them DDEJ iz Nothing

  5. The PH makes a big mistake because Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma are DDEJ souls as Rantara. W/o Niyaz no more DDEJ

  6. We want only Niyaz…no one else….without Niyaz we r not interested in this crap….PH decided who is more imp. replacement or fans.

  7. Good the media knows about the displeasure of the audience I wished Nautanki and LifeOK would also wake up and smell the coffee…and what does Mr Ajit Thakur mean ‘changes had to be done’…yeah I suppose he’s right changes did have to be done…but they made the wrong one!…the biggest change that had to be done was to get rid of Satya!!…

    I really hope this news gets circulated now by different news portals…how dare Nautanki and LifeOK take the viewers for granted, what did they expect that we’d welcome their so called changes with open arms??!…

  8. Yes Ayaz and Nikita our RanTara are the jaans of the show…without our NiYaz DDEJ is over for us…..we have tweeted this since days to the Nautankis and the makers but without response…whatever was promised was never shown to us…we DDEJians have been cheated badly…shame on the CVs

  9. Ayaz Ahmed & Nikita Sharma is DDEJ! They are the life of the show! PH is crazy to let them go. Changes had to be done, yes we are turning off the show as they leave!! Now change that!! Thank u Rantara for a wonderful journey!

  10. yes nikita and ayaz is the jaan of the show n no one will replace them .. only ayaz &nikita will be able to sve the show we want them back

  11. Yes nikita sharma and ayaz ahmed are d jaan of d show….
    We want to retain them in d show….plzzzzz ….no do dil ek jaan without nikita and ayaz…. 😦

  12. Ayaz and Nikita are the Jaan of the show without them there is no DDEJ no Jodi can ever replace them cvs u will regret this decision ur show will go down like a ton of bricks and shame on u guys no fans will ever trust u even in ur crappy new have made more enemy’s now we love Niyaz

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