Shivin Narang happy with the audience reception for Veera


Veera on Star Plus which took a leap few weeks back to continue its run with a new approach on how the brother-sister relation doesn’t change with time.

The show currently focuses on Veera who still hasn’t managed to make a place in Ratan’s heart and even Ratan’s isn’t ready to accept Veera as her daughter.According to feedback received from our readers,they’re glad the leap happened as the show got more interesting.

Beyond Dream and Star Plus are quite happy about the feedback received.While everyone is aware Star Plus has promised to recreate the entire Magic of Veera again with a fresh new beginning.

The show saw a TVT rise for the leap and emerged as 10th most popular TVT show last week.

Shivin Narang spoke to Newsroom and he said,”We all had a cake ceremony to celebrate this achievement.We hope our show continues doing well.”

So don’t forget to watch Veera on Star Plus at 10:30pm(Monday-Friday).

Author – Karishma Solanki


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