Ajaz relation with Gauhar was a fake : Shocking News


Newsroom brings latest news from the controversial reality show Big Boss 7 which will show true colours of Ajaz character this week.

Ajaz who tried to prove many times that he had fallen in love with Gauhar and he had a serious crush on Gauhar but all went haywire as Kushal entered but he was still reluctantly showing the audience that he still loved Gauhar.Salman Khan also teased him on the same during the Weekend Ka Wow episode on Saturday.

Today the scene will air which will leave viewers shocked as Ajaz is the game player of Big Boss 7 and he used Kushal-Gauhar as his stepping stone to success.

In the scene released by Colors TV,Ajaz tells that he needs money for his son Alexander and his relation with Gauhar was drama for gaining audience support.

Do you think what Ajaz did was right ? It’s a reality show but can anyone fool with others feelings ?

Author – Karishma Solanki


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