Review : Veera (New Generation) living up to the expectations !


Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera is highly popular as the show is purely based on the brother-sister relation ship which was depicted very well by the show and after the leap would it be the same ?

Read on to know more………

Short Review

Digangana Suryavanshi who plays Veera and Shivin Narang who plays Ranvijay are doing a outstanding job.

While the story looks a little predictable but we are sure the production house must have planned few twist and turns in the show.For now its looks like Veera has developed a strong relation with Karan but they both haven’t admitted their feelings for each other and Karan couldn’t meet Ranvijay as he had bullied Ranvijay in the washroom with his friends in the university.


This track hasn’t reached any conclusion till now which is of Ratan and Veera?We wonder when will the two get together,of course when the show ends !


The punjabi essence and warmth still remains in the show and we give the leap a thumbs up.

So don’t forget to watch Veera on Star Plus at 10:30pm every Monday-Friday.



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