Kusum leaves Kumud in a complete shock !


Saraswatichandra on Star Plus has been performing well in the ratings game as the confused love life’s of the characters Kusum,Pramad,Danny,Saraswatichandra and Kumud are creating a huge sensation among audience.

As everyone is award love triangles have a strong TVT response and the same is happening with Saraswatichandra.Indeed its a confusing love triangle as Kumud and Kusum love Saraswatichandra,Pramad loves Kumud,Danny loves Kusum and Saraswatichandra loves Kumud.

In the coming episodes,Kusum will gain the strength to confront Kumud.This truth will leave Kumud shattered.Will she sacrifice her love Saraswatichandra for Kusum?

Jennifer Wingett told Newsroom,”Lots of drama in the coming days and the full team is interested in seeing the response.”

So don’t forget to watch Saraswatichnadea on Star Plus at 7:30pm every Monday-Friday.



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