Prashant Bhatt talks to Newsroom in a detailed interview


Newsroom got into a exclusive conversation with Prashant Bhatt who manages Colors fiction programming.Colors TV launched in 2008 has been going strong and is currently the second popular GEC in India.

Colors has been going strong being able to defeat GEC’s launched before.So how do you’ll feel.

We have a lot more to achieve in the years to come.We are concentrating on strengthening our fiction space with new shows and programming exclusive for our viewers.

The annual Golden Petal Awards is being conducted this year again.Whats going to new in it.

Kapil Sharma will bring out gags of all out ex and present Colors TV celebrities.Our new additions to the Colors family will be announced.Voting has started for it and response has been great.

Big Boss is going through so much criticism including the host of the show Salman Khan threatening to quit.

It is supposed to be a controversial reality show but we have made it for family entertainment.But as our disclaimer tells that parents guidance is necessary.About the rest of the question no comments as the senior people can give more information.

Colors TV holds India’s number 1 non fiction show Comedy Nights With Kapil.What do you have to say on that.

The show is here to stay as we are getting good feedback for the show.The show will continue for more years to come


24 is being heavily promoted.But logically the show hasn’t got the sponsors like Big Boss or the TVT points .

That’s not true,Colors TV is receiving a lot of feedback and viewers are loving the show.This is a new format in India,so its being accepted.



2 thoughts on “Prashant Bhatt talks to Newsroom in a detailed interview

  1. We are happy that along with anil kapoor ,colors has taken the initiative to air 24 which is a limited episodes series and is a fast paced world class production the likes of which have not been seen before on Indian Television .As the previous comment has also said rather than serials dragging on beyond their natural life ,colors should look at the limited episodes format as in pakistani or western soaps with maybe more seasons if they are popular .

  2. Formats like 24 are more than welcome. There is a niche audience who would love this format and sensible shows with a pre-determinted story rather than continuing stories day after day based on audience reactions and in reality just going haywire. One has a lot to learn from Pak dramas on this!!

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