Revamp time for Colors TV


Newsroom got exclusive information from our sources from Colors TV who are revamping their fiction show slots from end of 2013-2014.

As reported,Rangrasiya will take the 9:30pm slot with Beintehaa taking the 9pm slot on Colors TV.Uttaran is slated to go off air due to dismissal ratings and exhausted story line.Bani – Ishq Da Kalma is under the scanner again.Giaa Maanek’s new show will take the 10pm slot in December which will result in one of Colors longest running show Uttaran going off air.

The channel officials are quite happy that the channel is sustaining in the GVT game as the channel is the second rated popular channel after Star Plus.Now to make it a cut to cut competition, the channel is changing its programming

So Colors is revamping for its viewers.Wishing luck to the channel for its future endeavors.



4 thoughts on “Revamp time for Colors TV

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  2. just because of that oldie sanaya i won’t watch colors live now, i love my sanity and i can’t afford to loose it so form now on i will only watch the show online

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