Zee News revamps for a more contemporary approach to news


Zee News, part of Zee Media Corporation (formerly Zee News Ltd.), has been transformed. The Hindi news channel has revamped to build a more contemporary and dynamic image without compromising on the seriousness of authentic news.

The new look is graphically soothing, clutter free, contemporary and resonates with the aspirations of an evolving audience. The programme packages, the promos, the choice of colours, the hue, and the look and feel have been transformed. The effort is to create new colours and fresh looks of a bold, dynamic and modern India.

A nationwide campaign, ‘Khabrein Aapke Rangon Mein’, will be launching soon to take up this initiative. With the theme ‘News like truth, is never black and white’, the channel has made the spirit of the content more contemporary, vibrant and topical.
Through ‘Khabrein Aapke Rangon Mein’, Zee News aims to reach out to the youth who are confident, and bristling with a ‘Soch Badlo Desh Badlo’ attitude. The news channel wants to cater to the GenY, which is connected through technology and consumes instant information and news.

In a press statement, the channel said: “News is never black & white. There are many shades, many hues to all news. Zee News will give you news that mirrors the true colours of your life. Zee News will empower you, take you behind the scenes, unleash the power of thought and give you a platform to build a better nation.”

“Zee Media Corporation has always been at the forefront of providing an essential platform in bringing behavioural change in Indian citizenship, especially youth. It strives to be an initiative to sensitize and encourage people to take adequate steps to change societal perception and more so for the next generation. As a responsible media house, Zee Media Corporation has been committed to engage the youth of India whose contribution is crucial for a stronger and sustainable society,” added the statement.



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