Poll – Best Actor With A Fan Base


Poll will close on 20th November 2013


71 thoughts on “Poll – Best Actor With A Fan Base

  1. kkk kunal karan kapoor is th best actor out of all. i really like meghan..vote for kunal in golden petal awards…

  2. Mohan Aka Kunal Kapoor. Thank you all the team for the wonderful journey of NBT ss1 and 2. Excellent performance to all the team. Miss you a lot guys.
    KKK you are awesome

  3. Fans know whom to appreciate and love. No matter what the press writes or say about Rajat no one cares and will have no effect on the viewers. Spoilers of this show can relax because we fans are not dumb , Look! Watch at his expressions every second of the scene he is Epic with his looks, great personality fantastic born actor. He is not comfortable with the Press he is just 21 years he is concentrating on his character give him a break you foolish reporters you ask silly and personal questions who wants to entertain you people and your magazines. We fans around the World love and respect him as The Great Akbar. He has the blessings from me and fromAkbar the Great himself. just leave him alone and enjoy Jodha Akbar. Cheers!!!!

  4. Rajat is Epic none can beat hm on any big or small screen. You know that And I know. But by ganging up and showing another guy makes no sense. Rajat Rulez in Jodha Akbar. Yes!!!!!!!!!

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