Rang Rasiya new show starring Sanaya Irani : Report


Newsroom recently informed readers about Sanaya Irani being confirmed as the female lead of Colors TV new show titled Rang Rasiya to be aired at the 9:30pm slot which is currently accommodated by Big Boss.

The show will have a authentic flavor and the ingredient in the initial days of all romantic shows which is separation. According to a source from Nautanki Telefilms,this project was planned long time back but Saurabh Tiwari needed popular faces as this project has a lot of investment (including Colors TV) which is double than the production cost of the other shows made by the same production house which are Madhubala and Do Dil Ek Jaan.

The male lead of the show will be Ashish Sharma if everything goes well but things for the male lead are at tentative stage as even Mohit Saighal can be considered. Newsroom will keep Sanaya Irani fans updated about the latest happenings.

Well it isn’t the end of news as the show have some highly romantic scenes inspired from the Bollywood film Rang Rasiya which had some intense bold scenes which will be minimized looking at the time slot of the show.The title says it all which means the show is all about the ‘Passion Of Romance.’



18 thoughts on “Rang Rasiya new show starring Sanaya Irani : Report

  1. Best man to make Jodi with Sanaya Irani and the only one is ,Mohit Sehgal, Mohit Sehgal, Mohit Sehgal, Mohit Sehgal, Mohit Sehgal, Mohit Sehgal. GET THAT INTO YOU THICK HEAD BARUN SOBTI AND YOUR DUMB FANS

  2. Neelam you said it and 110% agree with you. Mohit Sehgal is best man for Sanaya ON and OFF screen. We all loved IPKKND show and just because of Barun’s fans our show ended and that not fair for us show lovers. This is our reason to hate Barun Sobti and his fans. We would have love the show if Mohit became ASR with Khushi

  3. Oh man what is it with these weirdo Barun Sobti fans seriously stupid and the biggest idiot is Barun sobti. Don’t you crazy Barun’s fans talk for us, like you idiot ended IPKKND show bacause of the idiot Barun. We love Khushi and only khushi she was the best in IPKKND show and now we would love it if Mohit Sehgal would be our new ASR man for Khushi. Barun Sobti and his crazy fans go to HELL

  4. We wouldn’t want barun sobti back either becuz if he quits the show again then all us Sanaya fans would lose out. Barun Sobti has weirdo fans who would end the show, if the idiot quits. NO MORE BARUN SOBTI. We love Mohit Seghal to be with Sanaya Irani on screen again, best jodi

  5. No we don’t want Barun Sobti back ever again and especially this fans who are damn CRAZY. We want want sanaya Irani wants and that is Mohit Sehgal this is the best greatest Jodi no one come near

  6. Get real! Barun Sobti is history and shouldn’t be repeated he wouldn’t, no he couldn’t complete a full 3 year show if he was given another Bollywood Film offer. Barun Sobti is unreliable, untrustworthy and unpredictable and his fans are crazy . We want Normal fans who don’t go round shouting rude words over phones, loud mouths and aggressiveness. We want Mohit Sehgal with Sanaya Irani this is sanaya choice and our choice.

  7. Love this couple Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani and this jodi is the best on and off screen. Would love this jodi to take place. We are IPKKND and MJHT fans and we voted on it and Mohit Sehgal is best choice and we don’t trust Barun Sobti anymore just don’t come back and stay in Bollywood film

  8. SANAYA you will definitely rock on this show I don’t want ashish to be cast against SANAYA I want mohit or karan takker to do the show they both will do NYC job . I am not against hashish he is good guy . His acting skills also NYC but he is very good in play as historical character .When I imagine SANAYA with ashish I don’t get attractive feeling sorry to say mohit or karan will be better optionoption

  9. missing u sanaya…waiting for ur come back….
    if barun is casting it would be excellent
    but wishing sanaya all the best

  10. We want Barun Sobti with Sanaya Irani on screen ❤ coz Sarun chemistry can spell magic & perfection! It's the world's best onscreen chemistry ~ we love #Sarun & we want Sarun on screen – on tv or movie.

  11. OMG…Thank you so much Newsroom for giving this amazing piece of news, you guys are the only people I trust, because you truly take the effort to give out genuine and true news instead of making up any gossip or adding your own spice…now I can officially be excited for Sanaya Irani’s new show…I can’t wait for when you announce who the male lead is.

    Thank you once again 🙂

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