Sangeeta Ghosh says ‘Jee Le Zara’ has a lot to offer


Sony TV’s recently launched Jee Le Zara is being loved by the masses for its simplicity in content and light hearted scenes.While the show hasn’t set the TVT charts on fire but the show is steadily climbing and surely will take Sony TV in a new direction.

Jee Le Zara is a simple yet complicated story about Saanchi who manages her family single handedly but due to this she doesn’t get time for herself but Dhruv enters her life who will bring a lot changes and give Saanchi the love she deserves.

Sangeeta Ghosh said,”The story has picken up pace and there is lot more to be offered for the viewers.I am sure the show will pick up soon as makers have put in a lot of effort in each and every episode.”

So don’t forget to watch Jee Le Zara on Sony TV at 9:30pm (Mon-Thu).


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