Zee TV shares No. 2 position with Colors


Star Plus lost 37 million in its Gross TVT recording 465 million TVTs with a relative share of 20.86% (last week 502 million TVTs with 20.78% relative share).

Colors lost maximum viewership among GECs fetching 407 million TVTs. The channel had relative share of 18.26% (last week 476 million TVTs with 19.72% relative share).

Zee TV too lost 9 million TVTs this week. The channel fetched 407 million TVTs with 18.26% relative share. The channel had 416 million TVTs with relative share of 17.22% last week.

Life OK held its No. 4 position and viewership with a marginal loss in viewership. The channel recorded Gross TVT of 345 million against last week’s 347 million. The channel’s relative share rose to 15.48% in Week 41 against 14.39% in Week 40.

Sony lost 10 million viewers and held the No. 5 position. The channel recorded Gross TVT of 313 million with 14.04% relative share (last week 323 million TVTs with 13.39% of relative share).

SAB TV was at No. 6 with a loss of 25 million viewers. The channel recorded 292 million TVTs and 13.1% relative share. (last week 317 million TVT and 13.14% relative share).


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