Audience against the leap in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Hai Veera


Veera on Star Plus is a popular show which has ruled hearts and is still ruling hearts with its simple yet heart wrenching story line.Soon the show will undergo a leap in which the audience have to bid adieu to the lovely kids portraying Veera and Ranvijay.

According to feedback received,viewers of the show don’t want to bid adieu to kids and wan’t them to be retained.But due to the storyline getting exhausted,the production house went ahead with the leap idea.

Star Plus was not ready to let off the show and wanted it to get another chance. So the channel gave the production house a extension of 6 months starting from today.While Yash Patnik denied this piece of news and told the leap will bring in new things.

So get geared for the leap which will change many things in Veera.


7 thoughts on “Audience against the leap in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Hai Veera

  1. we want track of Nihal in veera this kids track has got bore now cause they are just focussing them 24×7 thats why trp is crashed also ..we want to see marriage of ratn & nihal

  2. we want nihal thats it how come u cant see the fans demands for nihals return no one is interested in these bore kids now

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