Sony Pix reinvents itself with new look, logo and positioning


At a time when almost all movie channels promise to show the same movie with the same punchlines, Sony Pix has decided to stand apart. The channel plans to reinvent itself with a new logo and brand positioning. Starting October 27, 2013, when they premier the biggest and latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, Sony Pix plans to change its look. The refreshed brand identity will be centred round the new brand philosophy, ‘Stay Amazed’.

Incidentally, Sony Pix changed its identity once before to cater to the brand identity ‘Hollywood is here’. But now that most other English movie channels have similar taglines or positioning, it has decided to reinvent itself.

The ‘Stay Amazed’ concept will reflect the youthful audience of the channel. According to consumer research, the bulk of English movies are watched by men in the age group of 16-29 years. Sony Pix has kept that in mind and tried to bring in a new flavour.



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