Rahul Mahajan and Anu Malik in The Bachelorette India

It was barely the fourth day since The Bachelorette India went on air on Life Ok. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was summoned on the show to help Mallika Sherawat choose the right candidate whom she would marry. Oh wait a second! No marriage! Mallika has made it clear that there has been no promise of shaadi-vaadi on the show. She is only looking for ishq-vishq since her life is so bereft of real pyar-vyar.

As proclaimed by the makers of the show after getting guidance from her mentor Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul Mahajan and music director Anu Malik are going to make guest appearances to spice up the reality show. These two will help Mallika choose the right partner.


You wonder how the presence of Anu Malik is going to spice up the show. Looks like Anu Malik wasn’t satisfied after composing the title track for the show. He wants of offer his good wishes to Mallika. So for that he wants to eat up some air time (for self-promotion) on Life Ok.

Rahul Mahajan will interact with the contenders and even test them. How? You wonder. He will play a word association game to get to know the Mallika suitors better. Let’s give the makers of the show some benefit of doubt there since Rahul is at least a winner of a similar reality show Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega. He walked the talk when he actually became the first contestant to marry Dimpy Ganguly out of the 17 girls who competed to become his bride.

Now the thing is Rahul Mahajan himself has never had a blissful marital life. In July, 2010 his wife Dimpy had accused him of domestic violence and moved out of his home. That they kissed and made up later is another thing. His first wife Shweta Singh had also accused him of domestic violence. Now, he does have a dubious past (if that’s what the makers think is spicy?) and has been on several other reality shows before. May be he will add some garam masala. After all you live in hope.

Both Anu Malik and Rahul are expected to appear on the show early next week.



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