Prashant Bhatt says “Colors is becoming stronger.”


Colors TV has become the fastest growing GEC in years although having a low reach compared to other channels.The channel is currently in a tight competition with Star Plus for the first spot.

We buzzed him about the Big Boss launch ratings which is comparatively low ?

We are aware of it but things will turn better in the coming weeks as audience will surely connect with show as the show had six seasons with the 7th season airing currently.

After Big Boss what’s ahead in store for viewers of Colors?

We will reveal things at the right time.We have a show with Saurabh Tiwari and another show which is in tentative stage.

So Colors is becoming stronger in the GEC space.



6 thoughts on “Prashant Bhatt says “Colors is becoming stronger.”

  1. parshant bhatt we want season3 of nbtnmnkk we have to request many times bt u don’t response us why if nbt not come we will never watch colors and Trp will be low

  2. prashant bhatt is such a hypocrite …changes his statements every week
    well for me if there is no nbt3 or new shw with kunal and aakansha then its byebye colortv from m side 😦

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