‘Bigg Boss 7’: Did Ajay Devgn ask Salman Khan to take special care of Tanishaa?


Ajay has apparently asked his good friend to take personal care of Tanishaa

As we had reported earlier that Tanishaa Mukerji, who is one among the 15 contestants in Bigg Boss 7 was desperate to get locked inside the glass-walled house. She wanted to give showbiz yet another chance after a failed career in Bollywood.

We had heard that Kajol, Tanuja and Ajay Devgn were not too happy about Tanishaa entering the mad cap house. They were of an opinion that she would be unable to cope with the drama and back-biting in the house.

Considering all this, Ajay Devgn has apparently asked his good friend Salman Khan who happens to be the host of the reality show to take personal care of Tanishaa. Now Sallu being a good friend of Ajay has instructed the production and crew to keep a close eye on Tanishaa and her requirements.

Even on the premiere night, we saw how Tanishaa and VJ Andy were given the responsibility to decide the fate of other housemates that whether they will be on the heaven or the hell section of the house. Well, we wonder was that too due to Ajay’s special request.

All said and done, the bottom line is that Tanishaa will surely get some extra privileges as compared to other housemates. We wonder if the others would tolerate this special treatment…



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