Sanskaar and Na Bole Tum to have a happy ending


Newsroom is here updating fans on the latest developments of your favorite Colors TV shows.

Na Bole Tum Season 2

The show will see a happy ending with Navika and certain members of the Vyas family doing a Ganesh Pooja together.Upcoming two episodes will have small romantic moments between Mohan and Megha. This will mark the end for the Na Bole Tum series which had a successful run on Colors for 2 years.

Sanskaar Darohar Apno Ki

The auction starts of the Vaishnav house and looks like the family will lose their house but Kishan comes and saves the day at nick of time. Bharti leaves and Bhoomi’s mom and grandmother comes to meet Bhoomi. The show ends with a happy family picture of the Vaishnav family.

Both the shows will end tomorrow to make way for Big Boss 7 on Colors TV from Sunday at 9pm.


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