Zee Khana Khazana launches new show ‘How Se Wow Tak’


Preparing a flavoursome meal is now effortless as Zee Khana Khazana brings the best of cooking tips from Chef Gautam Mehrishi with the new series ‘How Se Wow Tak’. You can now prepare meals quickly and with ease along with the assistance of Chef Mehrishi, who will share ideas and tips related to food and will solve all your culinary doubts.

Chef Mehrishi is a proponent of Indian food and his fondness for food developed in his formative years. He has over 13 years in the food industry and has worked with several big names in the business. He also hosts the show Food Ka Mood on Zee Khana Khazana.

Chef Mehrishi said, “Before chefs become chefs, they learn cooking basics: how to use a knife, how to cut a vegetable, how to mind a kitchen, and how to use appliances. It’s only then that their efforts seem, well, effortless. You too can master your kitchen – but first you have to master the basics. That’s where ‘How Se Wow Tak’ guide to cooking basics comes in. I’m very excited to be able to pass on my knowledge and expertise to help the viewer’s become better culinary experts. By mastering these basic techniques anyone can learn how to cook well.”



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