Nivea says ‘Kiss and Make Up’


Nivea, world’s No.1 skin care brand, has partnered with media agency MEC to launch a young and peppy campaign for Nivea’s exclusive lip balm collection titled ‘Kiss and Make Up’ ( The team at MEC with Bindaas Television channel created Kiss and Make Up video stories of 30 seconds each to showcase the lives of friends and siblings who actually kissed and made up.

MEC, known for its specialisation in providing genuine integrated solutions to clients, has reached out successfully to Nivea’s audience by using appropriate platforms to convey the message ‘When you fight with someone you love, just kiss and make up. It’s not such a big deal.’ The campaign, which eneded on August 31, rapidly caught up with the young, with 15,000 plus kissed and made up till August 30.

T Gangadhar, MD of MEC India, said, “MEC is delighted to partner with such a prominent brand. We create solutions around the business needs of our customers and hence we crafted a customised and innovative campaign around the ‘Kiss and Make Ip’ insight with Nivea. The team thought it was important to bring out the essence that ‘life is too short to resent against people we love.’ We are glad that the campaign is appreciated by the audience and we wish for a continued and fruitful experience with Nivea.”



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