MTV Sound Trippin Season 2 gets a new twist


MTV Sound Trippin, an original, homegrown format, conceptualised and owned by MTV, has stolen millions of hearts since its inception and has become synonymous with being the most unique musical show on Indian television. Adding a new dimension to its second season.

MTV has passed on the baton to continue this journey of sound to song to music biggies Karsh Kale and Nucleya. The duo came together to co-host ‘MTV Sound Trippin Season 2’ which started yesterday, August 25, 2013, and will air every Sunday at 8 PM.

Udyan Sagar, the brainchild of Nucleya, said, “MTV Sound Trippin is an immensely popular show and being a part of it is definitely an honor for me. This is the first time I am working with Karsh Kale who is undoubtedly one of the best musicians in the country. He has created a niche for himself and it will be exciting to see what we create together.”

Nucleya (Udyan Sagar), is a bass heavy electronic artist. Over the last few years, Nucleya’s carved a niche for himself in the country as one of the few electronic music producers that fuses bass music with Indian sounds. Karsh’s extensive experience in music and his unique ability to bend different genres of music to create something exceptional, coupled with Nucleya’s fresh and edgy new sound make them the ideal choice for MTV Sound Trippin.



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