Fans Voice : Why fans of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 want a season 3 of the show?


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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 came back on popular demand with a lot of hype from fans all around the corner of the world in January 2013 and expectations reached roof top as season 1 was a refreshing concept in Indian Television but according to fans of the show now, the leap taken in the show was the biggest mistake as the lead pair fans namely Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh had to play middle aged characters while fans wanted to see them portraying the same age as they were in season 1.

Here are selected fan messages raising their voice :

Isha Nbtian

Please bring Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 3 , dont play with feelings of fans!

Don’t make excuses like story completed or blah blah, we fans demanded for Season 2 not just continuation of season 1.The season 2 of the show didnt stand upon our expectations and the 12 years leap, parallel leads, focus on others instead of Kunal and Aakanksha. You’ll introduced the revamp just before the show would get axed to try to satisfy us but sorry you’ll though about us when the show was shutting shop.


We want Na Bole Tum cause it’s the best show with greatest cast. Kunal Karan Kapoor is impeccable and its not easy to find such a rare gem in daily soaps. He has played the characters of Vasu and Mohan with utmost perfection and deserves to be on the tv show to bless the audience with his mesmerising screen presence and Aakanksha is also a great actor. Na Bole Tum became a part of our lives and a trendsetter like this the show deserves to be back with season 3.

Anvita Shetty

Dear Newsroom,

The leads are doing an absolute brilliant job. Kunal has simply wowed us with his sheer brilliance. Season 1 was the debut for Aakansha and she has grown leaps and bounds as an actress. Even the other motely of characters will always been etched in our minds for ever.

Probably Trp’s may not prove how popular the serial is. The tremendous fan base the serial has is second is none.

Colors is not being fair,as a channel they have done nothing much to promote their own serial and now they say that there are no Trp’s. If a channel is so biased.How will TV viewers know that such a fantastic serial is being aired. Na Bole Tum deserves a season 3. Colors should listen to fans.

Isha Verma

What is a show if it doesn’t make you crazy?Why should a show telecast if your audience doesn’t die for it?Why should a show like Na Bole Tum have such an audience who can give their life’s for it?How Mohan and Megha played brilliantly by Kunal and Aakanksha made audience fall for them to such an extent…their screen space makes u mesmerized ? Dear Colors you may have many shows which can get you TRP’s.But you never find a show,which will make your channel so popular.People die to watch Colors TV every day at 9:30pm.Is it fair the way your behaving with NBT and its Viewers.Is it a way to handle so many emotions of fans?We know trp’s are business and we are not saying to compromise on it.Just give one more chance to NBT and you have given us Season 2.No doubt but let Season 3 rock the TRP’s this time.There is no guarantee your new show will do extremely well than why can’t you trust Na Bole Tum this time.

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17 thoughts on “Fans Voice : Why fans of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 want a season 3 of the show?

  1. NBT one of bstt show…Infct onlyy bstt show… wid no saas bahu drama, repeted story line, ghisipiti kahani nd blaah ws d unique nd beautiful show.. today I watched colors golden petal awards bt no awards wer offerd to kkk nd aka… Noo awards wer givn to NBT nd dis is such a partiality… looking at d fans following NBT deserves award… plzz bring back NBT bck…v dnt wnt serials like uttaran nd sasural simar ka… kapil nd meghan r the bstt ones on telly… plzz bring NBT season 3 wid a new story casting d same casts…v love u megha mohan nd v r wid u…U r the bstt actors…kkk always made me cry wen he cried…meghas love made me to realise what love is…dey both r bstt nd wnt dem again…none of the othr show cn tk der place… bring dem back.. nd also one simple suggstion to NBT cz I.hav realise d producers nd director n also writer r Veryyy dwn to earth nd simple thinkers…so may b dey dnt knw d politics of channel producers… sir ur show was bstt nd ll b bst for everr so if colors dnt giv u dat appreciation den unki laayki nahi h aapka show telecast krne ki so simply quit.colors nd go to any othr channel… m sure ur fans ll follow u everywhr…lovee u kkk nd love u alotttt akanshaa….:-* 🙂

  2. plzzzzzzzzzzz bring back na bole with ssn 3 . samajh me nai aata colors ko hamare show se itni prob hi kyo hai. ek bar galti ki to samajh me aata hai 2nd time wahi, there r so many shows jinme story ke naam per kuch nahi bacha hai, wahi nautanki har show me except one. Nbt 1 ko suddenly band kar ke they proved there sautelapan bt again. why? I just watch colors bcoz of na bole tum n kkk. bt now I am going to again hate this channel . worst channel. alwayzz promote there nautanki shows. BEST OF LUCK KUNAL for your bright n successful future . hope we will see you veryyyyyy soon in new show with good storyline it will be good agar NBT3 hi wo show ho .I love you . keep blessing alwayzzz.

  3. cz nbt is the best serial we just love it and cant even imagine colors without nbt ,,,,, so plzzzzz dont do like dis i love kunal n he is reallyyy great;) ❤

  4. I love to see na bole tum .this show is really rocking . This show is very close to my heart .ilove to see kunal aka mohan and aakansha aka megha …………they are superb actors .
    The show NBT 1 was so good , uniqune. we asked for NBT 2…………………but it is not upto our expectation especially 2 years leap……………..thats why we want NBT 3 with fresh new story with kunal and aakansha …………………… plzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Na Bole Tum…1 had a refreshing different story. We fans when demanded for season 2, we expected a continuation of NBT1, not that damned, un-necessary leap & some parallel lead. The story shown in NBT2 of “Finding Addu” also did not need leap. Mohan was capable. He could bring little Addu back.
    As the news of leap leaked, fans made it clear again & again that they did not like the idea of leap.
    Still not only Production House did not listen to us & went ahead with their stupid plan,
    But Colors Channel too did not cared what we wanted, We were clear about our view. It was not our fault that they PH & Colors behaved arrogantly & brought such season2.
    They only came with something worthwhile when there was no time left. This Vaasu track is great, we love it, but now again Colors is behaving in same manner – Arrogantly, stubbornly.
    So for their own mistake they are punishing us. Naturally we are opposing them & demanding for a nice season 3. Hope we will succeed.

    • I do not agree with the point that the leap was a bad idea. I loved Mohan and Megha in their 40’s and they looked beautiful. It was the story which became a little cumbersome with so many different ways to run around and by having found Addu it became too long and Addu/ Munna track was too long and so was Beera Navika…..if both the tracks were shortened then I would find no fault with it…After all Navika was grown up and she had to marry and the element of bringing the kidnapping gang was mishandled as well. There was no structure to it. And Mohan and Megha were kept apart too often which was the real point of disappointment and fans could not put up with that for long. As in the revamp it is the same Megha of S2 a mother to RJ but is always confronting Vasu and that is what has made the track so interesting and brings in an element of romance which the fans love. Anyway, the Creators have done a wonderful job with the revamp and we never want it to end. But every story has to have an end
      if it comes to a convincing conclusion. And we are in wait of what we all expect. But please bring back Kunal and Akanksha together again in a fresh story and this is what is very important. Kunal and Akanksha make everything good together and we want to see them back as soon as possible .The show has beautiful music and great direction. The story in the revamp has been amazing and the next will definitely be good in the same hands. And lastly, we are in the good hands of Mr Sudhir Sharma who loves his product.

  6. I am in the favor of Season 3 ,but again the INJUSTICE and Step Child Treatment Scares me. Please Colors TV Treat NBT as other shows and do justice with our show.
    If you people will finished its 2nd season,please please start its 3rd season with fresh story wiith the affordable time slot..please,

  7. KKK I wishyou the heartiest wishes on your birthday.Kunal Karan Kapoor ……You are the unique person in the world, you just transformed the reality through the Medium of Acting,you are the real king of expression,when your scenes are there I don’t wink my eyes,I watch those scenes with the gaped
    mouth,……… every moment shock us with your tremendous performance……….for me you are THE REAL PRINCE OF TELLYWOOD,I can’t find a
    better actor then you in the recent era.
    For many people including me NBTNMNKK is not only a piece of entertainment but a very deep emotional attachment is involved. For me that half hour serial has great meaning,during that half hour I imagine my self to be the part of Meghan life,when the laugh I laugh when the weep I weep.
    Ahhhhh……Another shock for the NBTIANS,our most favorite show is suppose to be off air just like last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being one of the huge fan of KKK,Meghan and NBT I can afford to watch 1000 seasons of NBT,But the most important point here is that why always injustice has done with NBT??????????Last year our show was sacrificed and this year again.

    I observed on IF,colors official website,on face book every where they treated NBT as the step child.

    Just look at the TRps at IF,just visit any website relating to Tellywood,every where they try their level best to down our show,

    This thing really really hurt, but try to observe any kind of poll ,posts relating to NBT,KKK,Aakankasha and Meghan…………..Their response is just wonderful because some thing extraordinary is there in NBT,but instead of the magnificent response from the fans across the Globe,on every forum they want to down

  8. i want na bole tum season 3 with new fresh love story,kunal and akanksha they both r the fantastic actors so i want to see them in na bole tum season 3 together,this show best show in colors so v want na bole tum season 3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Na Bole Tum has always been an integral part of our lives !!
    This show has fans of every age group and after a tiresome day when you come back home and sit in front of TV @9:30 PM watching Na Bole Tum, LIFE FEELS GOOD 🙂
    Please, this show deserves another big season with same leads Kunal and Aakanksha ❤

  10. We want Na Bole Tum cause it’s the best show with greatest cast. Kunal Karan Kapoor is impeccable and its not easy to find such a rare gem in daily soaps. He has played the characters of Vasu and Mohan with utmost perfection and deserves to be on the tv show to bless the audience with his mesmerizing screen presence and Aakanksha is also a great actor. Na Bole Tum became a part of our lives and a trendsetter like this the show deserves to be back with NBT season 3.
    Please bring NBT Season 3 , don’t play with feelings of fans!

    • we want season 3 with a greatest cast kunal and aakanksha plZ its a hamble request from nbt fans.we hope u will not break our heart.

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