BCCC fined Big CBS Love Rs 10 lakh, orders apology scroll to run on the channel


The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) had filed a series of complaints against Big CBS Love channel for its three programmes – ‘Sex and the City’, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ on specific dates mentioned in the order.

After hearing the channel, the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) imposed a penalty of Rs 10 lakh penalty on Big CBS Love and ordered it to run an apology scroll from 12 noon on Saturday, August 24, 2013 to 10 AM on Saturday, August 31, 2013.
The complaints are summarised as under:

Sex and The City: a) Carrie is sitting with a male friend who is showing her some movies that he videotaped while having sex with models. The camera captures shots of these adult videos. Though the videos are blurred, it clearly shows a man and a woman having intercourse. (07/04/2013)

b) The episode starts with a screen shot, which says ‘The Fuck Buddy’… Miranda and Kevin are walking through a corridor and they suddenly start kissing each other. Kevin pushes Miranda on to the wall and commands her to rest her hands up on the wall and to spread her legs. As she follows the orders, he moves his hand down from her waist towards her middle pelvic region… And Miranda is giving very obvious suggestive expressions and making suggestive noises as well. (09/04/2013)

c) In this episode, some intimate scenes between one of the protagonists Miranda and her new boyfriend Ethan have been shown… Mithan and Ethan can be seen kissing each other passionately… there is already some porn movie playing on TV. As Miranda inquires about it, Ethan replies, “Just something to get us in the mood. I think its kinda sexy, don’t you?” Miranda says, “Yeah, I guess it could be.” Then they start kissing and making out while watching an adult movie… (10/04/2013)

d) In this episode, some intimate scenes between Miranda and her boyfriend Josh have been shown… Miranda meets Josh after a long time and they again have sex for ‘old time sake’… Miranda can be seen lying on the bed and making loud suggestive sounds. Josh is moving suggestively over her… In the next shot, Miranda can be seen sitting on Josh’s lap. They are moving suggestively… (11/04/2013)

e) This episode shows the story of a man named Jack (the boyfriend of Miranda) who likes to ‘have sex at places where he can get caught’. In the clip, Miranda and Jack could be seen kissing passionately in Jack’s bedroom. Jack removes Miranda’s shirt and says, “let’s do it in the bed”… The couple lies down on the bed making a lot of suggestive movements and sounds… Unexpectedly, Jack’s parents enter the room and catch them having sex. Jack, instead of trying to hide anything, continues humping her in front of his parents… (17/04/2013)

f) Dialogues of the programme are very erotic, suggestive, indecent and not fit into Indian composite system of values. (21/04/2013)

g) One of the protagonists Samantha meets a man and after a few meetings and friendly calls, they decide to have sex… The man looks down to his pants and says, “I’m very well endowed”… The man again says, “No, no. I’m serious, it’s huge. I mean, most women they just can’t handle it.” Samantha says in a suggestive voice, “I’m not most women. So unzip and get over here”… (23/04/2013)

h) In this episode, Charlotte has been shown dealing with the problem of dating a man who uses abusive words during sex… In the visuals, a bedroom scene has been shown wherein Alexander is on top of Charlotte. They are making suggestive movements and sounds… (29/04/2013)

America’s Next Top Model (20 March 2013): During the model hunt programme, a nude photo shoot by contestants, who aim to become the top models of America, has been shown. In one of the shots, a naked female model could be seen running towards the male model and while doing so, she accidentally hits his private parts… The clip includes a number of obscene shots wherein a male model lifts naked female models over his shoulders, holds a naked female model from her back.

Britain’s Next Top Model (15 April 2013): The channel has telecast a model hunt show in which 14 young models compete… As part of their first photo shoot, these girls are asked to pose topless, wearing just a pair of jeans… Showing two women models posing half naked and in some shots cuddling each other in an indecent way is unpleasant.


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