TV Actors on Independence Day : Newsroom Exclusive

    Newsroom News India wishes its readers A happy Independence Day.


    Here are few celebrities giving their fans a short and sweet message on Independence Day :

    1. Manish Gandhi (Na Bole Tum Season 2)


    We’re living in the times when its so important for us to express what we truly feel, this independence day lets strive to be more truthful, more honest in our expression. Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words.. Pride in our Souls.. Jai Hind.

    2. Aasiya Kazi (Na Bole Tum Season 2)


    Independence Day used to be a special day for me in the past during school days.I still remember the patriotic feeling which is still alive in me.

    3. Jennifer Wingett ( Saraswatichandra)


    I would like to salute all people who gave us freedom of expressions.This day we all should take a stand and respect the freedom of the every citizen.

    4. Sanaya Irani ( Chhanchhan)


    Independence Day used to be special to me as I have a lot of memories attached to this particular day.This day we should celebrate expressing freedom of expressions.

    5. Drashti Dhami (Madhubala)


    I still remember how I used to participate in cultural activities during my school days were I used to celebrate the patriotic feeling of Independence.

    6. Shefali Sharma (Bani – Ishq Da Kalma)


    I used to actively participate in all school activities and this day was special to me.I loved the patriotic feeling which used to come in me and I wish all my fans A Happy Independence Day.

    7. Vivian Dsena(Madhubala)


    This day during school days used to be hectic for me as I used to participate in all activities being in a military school.I wish my fans a happy Independence day.

    8. Barun Sobti ( Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 1 and currently doing films)


    I would like to wish everyone a happy Independence day.All being a citizen of India should practice freedom of expressions.

    9. Sangeeta Ghosh (Jee Le Zara)


    One should learn to respect its country which has given it many things and I wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

    10. Shrenu Parikh and Avinash Sachdev (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2)


    Shrenu Parikh ( Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2)

    I wish every a happy Independence Day and hope our continue’s to develop.We should continue practicing all our rights.

    Avinash Sachdev (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2)

    I still remember the anxiousness in me to celebrate Independence day.I wish all a happy Independence day.

    11. Utkarsh Naithani (Saraswatichandra – Co- Writer)


Newsroom fans ko Swadheenta divas ki shubhkaamnayen.
Saraswati aapko swatantra gyaan de aur Mahadev paradheenta ka Naash Karen.
Jai Hind 🙏



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