Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 comes to an end on 13th September


Newsroom was the first site who broke out the news of Na Bole Tum getting a season 3 and Sanksaar getting a extension in the afternoon time slot.

But now management at Colors has decided to reduce number of shows on air, since the management is confident about Big Boss garnering huge TRPs so the channel is not willing to continue shows.

Colors has three shows in the pipe line currently which are India’s Got Talent,Big Boss and Anil Kapoor’s 24.

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 had pressure from the channel to take a revamp to register 2.0+ TRPs but unfortunately lack of promotions and no interest shown by the channel which will lead to the show getting axed on September 13.

Newsroom contacted Prashanth Bhatt,who denied to comment on the axing of shows but he called this a smart movement and hung up the phone.

Newsroom contacted Aasiya Kazi, who said,”Yes we heard of this news and I am really upset as I will miss the cast.I didn’t understand why the channel roped in new characters for the show, as it was pre-planned for getting the show axed so soon.The episodes from Monday will be in a quick pace since there are few weeks left for the show.”

Newsroom has learnt that Prashanth Bhatt and Sunshine are looking for stories for the season 3 but none of the channel people want to comment on this.

If the channel agrees for a season 3,the announcement will be made in the last episode of the show but till then nothing can be confirmed.Even the lead pair of the show Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha’s decision is yet pending.

According to source from the sets,”This was a political decision of the channel to make the fans happy by giving them more Kunal and Aakanksha scenes,so later when the off air news becomes public it won’t create a storm on the Internet.”

We wish the entire cast of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 all the best for their future projects.



6 thoughts on “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 comes to an end on 13th September

  1. maine kal colour channel ko call kiya tha .unse jo patha chala ki na bole tum na maine kuch kaha season 3 nahi aayaga unone kaha ki hamara koi interest nahi hai. season 3 lane main bigg boss ki 7 ke bad bigg boss 8 aanewala hai. bigg boss is famous word no. 1 show. is bath se conform hua ki season 3 not come back

  2. For many people including me NBTNMNKK is not only a piece of entertainment but a very deep emotional attachment is involved. For me that half hour serial has great meaning,during that half hour I imagine my self to be the part of Meghan life,when the laugh I laugh when they weep I weep.
    Ahhh…….Kunal Karan Kapoor ……the unique person in the world, he just transformed the reality through the Medium of Acting,he is the real king of expression,when his scenes are there I don’t wink my eyes,I watch those scences with the gaped mouth,………..this man every moment shock us with his tremendous performance……….for me he is THE REAL PRINCE OF TELLYWOOD,I can’t find a better actor then him in the recent era.
    Aakankasha Singh what a fine actress is she,really proved herself as the excellent actress of recent era,for me she is THE REAL PRINCESS OF TELLYWOOD.
    Meghan………….Made for each other Jhori,their chemistry is superb.they are beyond descriptions.
    NBT has a huge fan following across the Globe,please do some justice with this show,don’t hurt the fans and don’t sacrifice its 3rd season for any other show.

    • KKK,MEGHAN and NBT are something for all the NBTIANS beyond descriptions,KKK is not only an actor,he is someone who became the most important part of our life,MEGHAN is not only an on screen jodi but a couple with whom we laugh when they laugh and when they weep we also weep with them,NBT not only a daily show but the unique world which become the part of our life on daily basis.We can’t imagine our evening without NBT,
      We the NBTIANS want season 3 but Kunakasha with the lead cast and only story focus on the main lead cast only.Sooooo please try to focus on the MEGHAN track only in Season 3 not on others please.
      My friend’s sister is one of the die hard fan of NBT,she is a teenager,she has no access to internet ,I use to update her.When I told her that the show is going to be off air she was shocked and said that no not at all the TV Channel can’t ended such a wonderful show.My friend told me that it would be better not to tell her now,in the future she will know by herself because she can suffered by extreme depression,but I told my friend that we should slowly mentally prepare for this thing
      But yesterday again and again she was saying that it is impossible that NBT Season 2 would be ended.
      This was the case of one fan .every fan use to think like this.

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