Q and A with Sanaya Irani


Newsroom’s new section which is based on question sent by fans on twitter.We have Sanaya Irani answering the questions of fans sent from twitter.

Q) If you had to choose between 3 roles which are Chhanchhan,Khushi or Gunjan which would it be?

A) All the characters are close to my heart, as all had certain characteristics which were relating to me.Its too difficult to choose a single one.

Q) Any difference between Khushi and Chhanchhan?

A) Khushi was more of a bubbly fun loving girl while Chhanchhan is modern and finds easy solution to problems. But both the characters are close to my heart.

Q) What is the one track you would like Chhanchhan to explore ?

A) I would like the show to explore some tracks which would give strong social messages to society.

Q)What is the hardest scene till date in Chhanchhan?

A) The romantic song which was there in the honey moon of Chhanchhan and Manav. I had to take a lot of retakes and even the fire sequence in the kitchen were my dress catches hold of fire.

Q)Is the story of Chhanchhan giving you what you wanted ?

A) As a actress you never get satisfied with the story because you feel to explore various genres but if you get the audience satisfaction then your work goes great.

Q) Would you like to take part in Big Boss?

A) No.

Newsroom wishes Sanaya Irani all the best for her career.








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