Colors gears up for Bigg Boss 7



We are often told that in order to attain heaven one must go through hell and bringing the two together, right down here on earth is Bigg Boss Season 7 on COLORS. With the theme of the show revolving around the concept of ‘Heaven or Hell’ this time, the creative minds at COLORS have launched a magnificent promo campaign that imbibes the key message – “the pleasure of heaven and the pain of hell”.

The show this time around is all set to grab you by the throat leaving you shaken and stirred at the edge of your seat. The inmates of the house will be given a glimpse of heaven and let through its golden gates, but their momentary joy will be shattered to bits when the treacherous dark side of hell will take over. The viewers will see 14 strangers struggle for their survival in the house over 90 days and all this will be captured by 70 cameras of Bigg Boss.

Speaking on the interesting concept of the promos Rajesh Iyer, Marketing Head- COLORS says, “This season Bigg Boss will make sure that you get to see heaven and hell both saath-saath on Bigg Boss Season 7. The message is simple – pleasure or pain, both are inevitable and there is nothing to be taken for granted this season. The only thing that we can assure you is that Bigg Boss 7 is going to be a tumultuous, eventful and one ‘hell–of- a-crazy ride.”

Prashanth Bhatt told Newsroom that,”Na Bole Tum will be axed and a new season is under development but we are still in search for a story.”







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