JDJ Choreographer’s Tushar Kalia,Mohena Singh and Salman Yusuff Khan rubbish rumors of Drashti and Sidharth losing control over their anger


Gossip and controversies is the main aim of Jhalak this season which airs on Colors TV.

Apparently gossip news suggest that Drashti lost her control over her anger due to low scores this week and started breaking things in the make up room.Major shocking news is that Sidharth went on a drinking spree and claiming JDJ of being rigged.

Newsroom knew that fans of the actors wouldn’t believe the news with out confirmation from sources from the JDJ sets.So Newsroom took the initiative of contacting the choreographers of the show.

Tushar Kalia commented by saying,”I heard the news of Drashti and Sidharth which was false as Drasht and Sidharth are strong people and keep a close bonding with everyone on the sets. Plus with a senior artist like Madhuri Dixit on the sets no one can do such things as this spoils their own image.We all are very present on the sets but we don’t know who spreads rumors from the sets.”

Salman Yusuff Khan also denied the rumors of Drashti breaking things on the sets and he commented, “Drasti was emotional as she wanted to make me happy but the judges wanted something new but we will definitely come back with a bang.”

Mohena Singh commented by saying,”Sidharth gives me his 100% when he rehearses with me.Also I suggest his fans to not believe such rumors and continue supporting him (Sidharth) as he is working very hard.”

Newsroom will keep fans updated on the latest happenings.


Coming Soon : Sanaya Irani’s reaction on Chhanchhan’s extension

12 thoughts on “JDJ Choreographer’s Tushar Kalia,Mohena Singh and Salman Yusuff Khan rubbish rumors of Drashti and Sidharth losing control over their anger

  1. Thank you so much for clearing all stupid rumors…we all know that Drashti is really hardworking girl and even she was upset then she was for Salman not for her self…she never upset or frustrated when she don’t award then why she do that for some points…

  2. V already know these r malicious rumors meant to discredit these contestants as they have a huge fan following both Drashti and Sidharth Shukla. Shaan must have been tagged to make it more credible.dont worry Sidharth Shukla v r with u. DD need not worry either. U two r doing a great job. And so is Shaan.

  3. We already know that its all rubbish rumour about drashti but thank you so much for clearing all sick rumours šŸ™‚ I wish your site will be biggest TV news site but if you walk true and honest way then that’ll be surely happen !! God bless you !!

  4. we already knew it..seeing hr teary eyes it ws clr she ws upset cause she sumhw felt dt it wud mk d bst choreogrphr f ds shw fl bad at ds stage f ds cmpetetn…bt f a lady cn avoid nonsense which wr spredrd by a sectn f media (btr 2 say dey crt paid stry) it wl surely nt trouble hr..ups & downs r prt f lf..she knws it vry well…

  5. This is one hard blow to all the gossipmachines who are hellbent on badmouthing Drashti!!

    Thankyou Newsroom.
    Always love your segments.

  6. we always belive drashti we know that she is a very hardworking and lovely and friendly person we dont care that stupid rumour no matter what we will always support drashti

  7. yeh sab karan veer bohra aur usaki biwi kara rahe hai, villain joh hai, Drashti ki kismat koi nahi le ja saktha, drashti i love you so much,m god bless you

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