Sanaya Irani and Ismail Umarr Khan speak to Newsroom about low TRPs of Chhanchhan


Newsroom earlier reported that Chhanchhan will not be going off air soon but the show is under the scanner which has brought tension to the cast of Chhanchhan.

One of the directors of the show Ismail Umarr Khan tells Newsroom that,”The show has received good feedback from the audience and specially Sanaya and Anuj’s chemistry has clicked with the audience but the show has dipped to a all time low 0.5 TRPs.We have not got any news about the show going off air but we are neither confident about the shows future with low TRPs.”

Newsroom contacted Sanaya Irani and she said,”I don’t know why Chhanchhan is getting low TRPs as the entire cast and production house has put in efforts which have been appreciated by the audience but we couldn’t make a impact in terms of TRPs.”

Newsroom wishes Sanaya Irani all the best for her show to click with the audience in terms of TRPs.



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