Bani,Na Bole Tum and Sanskaar not getting axed?


Newsroom is simultaneously keeping a eye on the latest developments of Colors shows.

According to latest developments,Colors shows namely Bani,Na Bole Tum and Sanskaar were in the headlines to get axed by Colors due to launch of Big Boss.

While today Kadambari Kadam (plays Bhoomi in Sanskaar) confirmed to Newsroom that the production house has not got any news from the channel about going off air.

The director of Bani (Nandita Mehra) tells Newsroom that,”What? off air,from were did this news come from.Our show still has a lot to show the audience and the real journey of Bani is going to start now.”

Aseem Arora (Screen play writer of Uttaran and Na Bole Tum) confirmed from his twitter account that even Na Bole Tum has not got any notice from the channel to go off air.

So is Colors planning to shift the three shows to the afternoon slot?

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One thought on “Bani,Na Bole Tum and Sanskaar not getting axed?

  1. Ahhhhhhh………Another shock for the NBTIANS,our most favorite show is suppose to be off air just like last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Being one of the huge fan of KKK,Meghan and NBT we can afford to watch 1000 seasons of NBT,But the most important point here is that why always injustice has done with NBT??????????Last year our show was sacrificed and this year again.
    I observed on IF,colors official website,on face book every where they treated NBT as the step child.
    Just look at the TRps at IF,just visit any website relating to Tellywood,every where they try their level best to down our show,
    This thing really really hurt, but try to observe any kind of poll ,posts relating to NBT,KKK,Aakankasha and Meghan…………..Their response is just wonderful because some thing extraordinary is there in NBT,but instead of the magnificent response from the fans across the Globe,on every forum they want to down it………….why??????????????
    I am in the favor of Season 3 ,but again the INJUSTICE and Step Child Treatment Scares me.

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