Qabool Hai comes under the BCCI scanner


Zee TV’s show, Qubool Hai, is the first fiction property that has come under the scanner of the Broadcast Content Complaints Council (BCCC) and asked to run the scroll.

Episode 89 of the show telecast on February, 28 had attracted a complaint for showing violence against women.

According to latest reports,Gul Khan’s production house has been given a strict order from Zee TV to be careful.

The council has recommended that the ministry issues a warning to the channel, with regard to the above mentioned content. Also, the channel will have to run an apology scroll for seven days, starting 12 noon on Wednesday, July 31 to 10 am on Wednesday, August, 7, every two hours.

Considering this, the channel has been asked to run an apology scroll in English and Hindi, thrice during each telecast of the programme, ‘Qubool Hai’, over a period of five days, from Monday July, 29 to Friday, August, 2.





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2 thoughts on “Qabool Hai comes under the BCCI scanner

  1. what the hell is this ? Why BCCC don’t see any other show. Have any one show who don’t have any violence against women. I don’t think so now a days mostly every serial shows the vamps and these are mostly women & about intimacy there was no any seen that about any can say that was vulgar. firstly go and change the mentality of people who has a sick mentality.

  2. sorry but what crap it’s alright for girls to be raped in india and abused beaten and murdered but not alright to show it on t.v wake up and take care of real issues not sensor tv for showing what is actually going on in the world

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