Goodbye, GRP. Welcome, TVT!?


So, reps of advertisers, media agencies, broadcasters plus TAM have finally been able to smoke the peace pipe and agreed to the way forward for the TV audience measurement ratings process currently being administered by TAM.

This is good news for all of us in the media, because we can finally move on and concentrate on other more meaningful things in life. However, it’s critical to interpret the press release that has been issued jointly by the ISA, AAAI, IBF and TAM sent to us by the AAAI secretaria.

What it basically says it is that it’s going to be business as usual for broadcasters and agencies and advertisers, but for the media and public at large, the data that will come is not in the form of TVRs, TRPs or GRPs or channels shares, but in a new currency called TVT. Short for television viewership in thousands. It may be good for one to point out to the powers that be is that the media doesn’t and didn’t manufacture these rating numbers out of thin air.

These numbers are given to it (in recent times not by TAM) by broadcasters themselves. Or they are used by broadcasters in their publicity material – in print or electronic media ads or as mailers on various trade portals including MxMIndia. We understand that the broadcasters have agreed to not use GRPs for a certain week/period in their information to the media.

So at one level we don’t think it’s going to be difficult to figure a week’s numbers given the four-week average numbers, but it’ll be interesting to see how much of this information broadcasters keep to themselves.

Also, it will be good to see how ratings of individual programmes or shows are communicated to the trade.

Perhaps the next time BARC/ ISA/ AAAI/ IBF/ TAM have a meeting on dissemination of ratings numbers, a few reps of the media should also be invited.





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