“It was a emotional good bye to Hitler Didi” – Rati Pandey


Zee TV’s Hitler Didi will be bidding good bye in the coming week due to dip in ratings and new shows lined up for Zee TV.

Good bye’s aren’t easy and the same situation occurs for Rati Pandey who got emotional during the conversation with Newsroom.

We contacted Rati Pandey who said,”It was a emotional good bye to the show as I achieved a lot from the show and I had a good time working with the production house and Zee TV.”

On a ending note she said,”I am happy that the show aired for many years but everything good has to come to a end some day and I thank all my fans for their support.”

Newsroom wishes Rati Pandey all the best for her future projects and hope she comes back soon to the TV screen.





Newsroom has taken the initiative to promote shows with Newsroom.


3 thoughts on ““It was a emotional good bye to Hitler Didi” – Rati Pandey

  1. ya, u r a best actress for me and telly industry and love u so much…. HD is a really nice show….. Rati please come back soon for u r fans and ya u r fans always with u love u

  2. Thanks for the article…

    Rati, you are the best actress of TV… love you so much… HD got its fame because of you, no doubt in it. You are the only known actor when HD started and you proved that you can shoulder a show without any big stars or big PH… way to go..

    Rati, please come back soon… we already started missing you…come back soon with a new show, All the best for your future projects

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