Colors brings Maha Tridevsangam to the viewers of Na Bole Tum,Sanskaar and Uttaran


Colors believes in keeping viewers high on the entertainment quotient and living up to that Colors has brought Maha Tridevsangam.

The entire plot focus is on how the three lead characters of the respective shows namely Vasu,Jay and Rathore will team up to rescue Bhoomi who has been abducted by Amritlal and adding up to the drama Megha will see Vasu for the first time.

We contacted Jay who said,”It was fun shooting and I enjoyed the presence of the other leads of the show.”

In the press conference,Kunal said,”Vasu will be introduced in the Maha Tridevsangam which will air today.”

So don’t forget to watch the Maha Tridevsangam of your favorite Colors shows today from 9pm to 10:30pm





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