“Double Dose with Anant and Saurabh” on Zee News


Zee News has come up with a complete humorous show based on news -“Double Dose with Anant and Saurabh”. It is a one of a kind show combining humour with serious news. This show will be aired on Zee News and will be anchored by the two wacky Radio Jockeys- Anant & Saurabh.

With an over-riding thought that one is more receptive to information when in a lively mood, Zee News is launching this unique show. ‘Double Dose’ will try to keep the news value intact while using humour to make it light. Beginning July 22, the show takes 6:30pm and 10:30pm slots from Monday to Friday.

RJ Anant said, “Our voices have now got a face through Zee News. So far our voice was only on radio, now people can watch our madness on Zee News as well. There are so much of mediocre things happening on television, so we have decided to take it one step further and do something really bad on news television. Our tagline would be “Aap Ghabraiye, Hum Hai.”



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