Case Solved : Vrinda Dawda asked to leave Dil Dosti Dance on Channel V


Newsroom is back with another case and this time it’s a high profile case which is everyone’s question that why did Vrinda leave the show suddenly?

First let us analyze the situation !

Dil Dosti Dance, popularly known as D3 has been high on the buzz recently with Vrinda Dawda leaving the show and fans of show are blaming Charlie Chauhan (Amar’s Girlfriend) for Vrinda’s exit but according to the source,Charlie has nothing to do with this sudden decision.

Evidence from a anonymous source!

According to the person from the production house,”Vrinda was asked to leave as the channel wanted the show to gain more eye balls through this move but particularly Vrinda being a professional actress mutually agreed and the matter was put to a end over there.”


The situation is entirely based on channel politics to gain eye balls and recently many shows including Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 on Colors has followed the same suit which resulted in Jayashree(Navika), Kanwar(Addu) and Siddharth(Beera) being asked to leave the show to accommodate a revamp track.

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh and the cast of D3 have been asked by the channel to not disclose any details on their social media account’s.The creative of the show Palki Malhotra took the decision of the changes in the show.

We contacted a Channel V official who told Newsroom that this was entirely a creative decision.The actors the show are not being allowed to comment on this move through social media.

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32 thoughts on “Case Solved : Vrinda Dawda asked to leave Dil Dosti Dance on Channel V

  1. I dnt thnk we sud blame palki mam or CV. Acc 2 me dis is just a show which shows d teenage lyf, decisiöns, love n all thngs of watevr happens really . This show totaly depicts d practical lyf of a teenager. May b dat is y palli mam had askd taani(VD) 2 leave d show . May b palki mam iz planning smthng more creative

  2. thanku for solving it all………i just wanna say this to the bloody CV’s who take fans for granted….first they did it with DMG and now with my pretty Taani……………lol go to hell CV’S………….shows the standards of the channel……….and this hsows how unprofessional the channel is…..hate the CV’S hate u miss fatty Palki Malhotra

  3. Taani’s exit for such a lame reason not at all fair k now wat abt rey’s part in d3 plz either bring taani or kriya back plz dont ever bring a new girl coz den the decent rey’s role will become a casanova vch will lose ur TRP’s more

  4. Reading all the comments and scandal disclosure of why “Taani” aka Vrinda Dawda left D3, I recently found out of this and watched the ‘official announcement by D3 team: the 19 minutes interview’. Well I am surely going to miss Vrinda’s bubbly personality on the offscreen moments, and Taani whose character brought much to the show. I agree the show’s basic theme is “dance, dance, dance” although the name of the show is, “Dil Dosti Dance”. The “LOVE” factor shouldn’t be maimed by the creative unit as they introduced that to us firstly with KriYansh, ViHa, SwaRon and others leading to a very deep & passionate stand alone “love-story” of Swayam & Sharon with dance intertwined somewhere. It was a stepping stone for warming us to Rey and Taani, our beloved “TaaRey” story. For Taani its always about love, Rey the bleeding heart of betrayal whose solace ‘dance’ couldn’t aid in healing of his broken emotions. The Taani track started & it received both +/- feedbacks; overtime the character development made the story immensely better for TaaRey as well Taani with her peers & the brother Swayam. Taani will hold a special place in most of our hearts, just the way Sneha Kapoor, and Shakti do. I will dearly miss Vrinda, she has come so far with her acting skills & won the hearts of viewers by her commitment, dedication and love to D3. I wasn’t prepared to lose Taani, the way all of us did Sneha: The Diva on screen & sweetheart in real life, Shakti the bubbly & passionate dancer. Vrushika as Sharon reenactment is completely different to that of Sneha as Sharon which in its own place is not making viewers to choose between the “2 Sharon s” we’ve had.

    ** As for Vrinda Dawda: the artist she is truly phenomenal. The fresh face who debuted in D3 learning & practicing, being a positive energy for peers, a professional through the core, friendly & loyal who worked through the negative feedback she received as new artist and turned that criticism into praise by her honest work ethic and hard work.

    ** One wish for you dearie, “Be yourself and do not lose your faith as you are born to shine. Your self-concept is something that sets you apart from those around you, believe in yourself no matter the difficulties as you have it in yourself to face them gracefully. Fans might grow or dwindle, let that be your fuel to you goal not a thorn to hold you back. ‘Love you Loads, All the Best!’ Blessings & Care to you always.”

    As D3 bids Taani- Vrinda farewell I have one major concern, “what of Rey’s track?” Yes a little vague question but in truth the creative unit has made mess of Rey’s emotions. First it was Kriya infatuation, she left so the heart break; then came Taani with whom he felt conflicted towards but nonetheless a deep “love” bloomed from the pain both felt, Rey’s individual growth fueled by Taani’s story-line. Now that too has been ripped from Rey. It seems a pattern that Rey yearns for “tragedy & loss” more than “love, faith & dance”. I am not sure how they can salvage Rey’s tortured heart & character. Although good luck in doing that. At his age things are meant to be simple, as he is boy getting introduced to manhood. Not a “MAN” yet, a collegian whose life seems more complex making it choppy.

    In general disappointed with D3 creative unit for removing Taani and sacking Vrinda. A temporary change of story could have been better choice with absent Taani, the reason of raising TRP sounds superficial & lame. One request, please do not let this decision be in vain and mess up D3 completely. Do something productive, and believable with further story-line. Rows of new female leads don’t improve things, adding more flavor to the show will improve TRP (that could have been achieved without letting Vrinda go). Good Luck Palki mam & rest of creative unit, and D3 cast & crew.

    All the very best to lovely Vrinda! We love you and support you! Dream big!

    ~ always,

  5. d3 is now nthng widout vrinda , she had given so much to d3 , how can palki or whoever is involved how can they do dis ? we luv vrinda soo much nd just stopped watching d3 a bullshit show d3 hate u d3 lyk a hell , nthng remained , ist sneha nd now our vd ,huhhhhhh hate hate hate d3

  6. i hav stpd watching d3………. it z nthng widout tanni n rey chemistry…. if tanni wont come bank i thnk den it would realy afct d TRP…. mst say palki u hav mo brain……

  7. Hey Newsroom…this doesn’t end here, i want you guys to go in more depth
    the first news that we got about Vrinda’s exit from the show was through this video

    This video informed us that Vrinda is leaving the show and Charlie might enter as Rey’s 3rd love interest….the point to be noted here is that in this video the reporter is Aqsa Akbani who works as a reporter at Cinevistaa (the Production House of D3 ) and the Youtube Channel through which this video is uploaded is Tellybytes..this is also Cinevistaa’s own Youtube channel as previously we have got many exclusive interivews of D3 cast on this channel…so the thing is that this news was spread by Cinevistaa itself, the purpose of this video was to inform the fans about VD’s exit from the show…but what about Charlie’s entry, WHY THE PRODUCTION HOUSE GAVE THE NEWS OF CHARLIE’S ENTRY IN THE SHOW?
    and it was like adding fuel to fire…why they did so?
    there can be 2 reasons for this…1st they had thought of bringing Charlie in the show that’s why wanted to see viewers reaction or they wanted Amar and Charlie to get bashed
    please probe this matter further

  8. have you gone mad, hate u channel v , palki mam

    who cares about this show anymore i am definitely not watching it

    i love u vinda:) it was your first show and u have done great job, hope u have great career ahead

  9. Seriously i am glad that VD is out of this crappy show…atleast her talent wont get wasted !!she deserves a better show n better production house then this!!hastala vista D3 n palki i m nver gonna watch ny of your show in future n nver gona let my children or grand children(if i ll hv any to watch it)..hope to see VD in a good show where she ll be respected by every 1..god bless you vrinda !!u truly are a humble n sweet person…if there was some one else in ur place..she would have made sure to to bring down the whole production house n used it for her publicity but u humbly accepted the truth without making a fuss or ruckus out of it !!!proud of you!! good things happens to good people some thing good n grand is awaiting you!!!all the best!!

  10. WOW!!!CV s n PALKI!!what an tactic to Increase trp n gain attension to your show….really u can only come up with such an awesm tactics …you should have been in politics…seriously u would have had bright future…!! here s a small suggestion from my side! so that you can gain more eye balls to your show “instead of getting a new girl y dnt your self join in as new girl n start romancing rey??”i mean u know how to dance n after seeing all this drama i got to know your one hell of actor!!! n who knows u might even win oscar for it!! trust me this is a fool proof plan!!you ll gain more eyeballs to u r show then ever!!!n not to forget all media attension you can imagine of!!



  11. Are you freaking serious?
    By removing one of the most popular and loved character from your show….you’ll be able to increase the TRP :O
    Unfortunately like other shows the TRP of D3 is not published otherwise i would have loved to see D3 get 7+ TRP after removing VD from the show
    We very well know…who is the one behind all this politics
    just wanna say cv’s Go to hell and also take your crappy show with you
    glad VD has been relieved…now we can enjoy watching her in a good show on more popular show,ethical PH….and “Normal” co-actors

  12. Channel v has gone totally mad….
    Dnt knw da hell is going on….
    M not gonna watch d3 widout vd…..
    Shez dA heart of d3

  13. Are you serious to gain TRPs you PURPOSELY told your lead to leave citing it (air quotes) Creative decingision.
    LOL everyone is cracking up at these so called creative decision who think now the TRPS will .go up dellusional much.

    It messes up a storyline
    a love story you worked on for a year nd then called ot quits

    this is the biggest blunder of

  14. Palki thanks for making us believe… U,kas nd charlie played politics… No wonder we knew,but wanna c how wil shows trp increase

  15. If this message is being seen by the V D3 production and creative.. dn
    canat you plss clarify how do you intend to raise ur Trp’s by removing the show lead… teh most desired character and actress ??? the couple Taani – REY being voted as teh most desired and loved by youth couple by BCF .. and u state they were not yeiding Trp’s :O :O :O u r guyss okk …
    well lets say.. u guyzz wanna start a dostana 2 with the new male entry ..noce work that sounds experimental..
    and dancing … gosh… in ur show ,, is some1 sneezes characters dance.. if some1 fals ill character dance… if some1 dies character will dance… let alone.. some1 sneezing will result into dancing ..

  16. Nw whatever b the reason gave by palki doesn’t matter to us
    jo karna tha she did
    nd rahi bt Charlie nd KAS then don’t try to teach us what is fact
    we are very near to it
    what KAS hs done & his so called GF we r aware of it
    i have strong that this was recommended by KAS because of his Ensecure GF
    he didn’t get Shakti so he maintained his rlnship wid Charlie nd no wonder he is/was hving feeling for VD
    so all dis is politics palyed by palki KAS
    simple charlie warned KAS … he can’t go against his GF he recommended palki & result better decided to exit Taani/VD from the show

  17. thank you Palki oops Palki mam for making Vrinda leave the show..
    we had to turn on this shitty show to see Vrinda but she used to appear on screen for 5-10 seconds..
    at least now we are free from this D3 torture where ppl dance in every small thing..
    I have got a headache.. lets dance..
    I have failed in exam lets dance..
    My dad has scolded me lets dance..
    I am suffering from food poisoning lets dance..
    My gf has slapped me lets dance..
    I have to go to loo.. wat to do?? wat else?? lets dance..

  18. We are w8ing to see the TRP of D3 after exit of Vrinda…how will it go high m soo eager?
    Nd plz stop defending charlie( ensecure gf ) ya Amar we all know what is true nd what is false? We hv seen also hw much dey r gud nd friendly to Vrinda
    was never expected ?

  19. Just GO TO HELL D3, so-called Creatives & of course Channel[V].Do whtever u want, I damn care about ur crap show & its politics.
    Luv u TaaRey till d last breath of my life.

  20. Hahahahaha
    dis dis really joke ?
    O yeah hw cn i forgot dis is show by de banner CV ..nd no wonder dt ol dis is played in palki shows cz we r very close to her sense so cn’t expect mre den dis frm her?


    • Bloody Hell..f**k you ph and and people responsible for this.
      you know what…you ppl proved yourself to be the worst PH.
      vrinda was one of the most popular and loved character of d3.
      and you ppl revomed made fools of yourself.
      and TRP’s …fishy heck..vo to dikhta hai ki d3 ki kya trps hain..-_-..
      anyway m happie ki VD is out of the crap politics and shitty show.

      the eternal TaaRey lovestory will be remembered it was most magical and matured story.
      go to hell with d3.

  21. Jz for gaining TRP hw can 1 b so selfish…? Nd increasing trp afta dis is like drming on day palki…cz nw no 1 is intrest on watching dis bullshit show..may b dere r SS fan but dere no rzn for being happy cz soonly dey will also dumb dis show cz u r very weak in developing lubstory or i cn say u hv no idea wot is lub nd u cn never understand it cz u used it for ur business

  22. let c trp kitna hike karti h vrinda ki exit se
    sudnly vrinda ko show se out kar dia isse jada politics kya hogi
    charli n kas ko defend karne ki jarot hi nahi sb ko pata h kas ne kia sab kuch
    so amar+palki=alki/palmar get well soon
    goood byeee to d3

  23. Hw can they do this? Palki has given the lamest n crap reasons of vd’s exit frm the show.she had broken millions of hearts.hw can she end such a gr8 n good going clearly shows tht she was asked to was bcoz of vrinda i used to see d3 but now tata n bye bye to d3 wishes for vrinda.hope she comes back on screen soon with a bang n tht tooo on channel V.

  24. Again a bloody shit reason,if creatives really think terminating Vrinda frm show wil increase der shows trp, now we fans wil really see how wil it increase??

  25. What the hell is going on in Channel V..How can they play with our TR fans emotion for their bloody TRP…This highly disgusting…

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