IBN7 dons new look and new positioning


In a bid to reiterate its fearless approach to journalism and undying commitment to deliver the truth, Hindi news channel IBN7, which over the years has earned the moniker of ‘India’s Channel of Impact’, has donned a world-class new look which accentuates the news content and positioning of the channel.

IBN7 has always believed in delivering non-stop news to its viewers in a straightforward manner. The new look takes this brand philosophy to the next level and is aided by the launch a new campaign to promote the set of values the channel believes in. Themed Nidar. Atal. Prachand. Satya, the campaign defines IBN7 as a channel which is fearless (nidar), accurate (atal), impactful (prachand), and truthful (satya).

Dilip Venkatraman, CEO, IBN7, commented, “We are excited about the energies that the new logo, look, tagline and campaign are able to add to IBN7 and we are sure these will add considerable value to all our stakeholders, especially our advertising clients, sponsors, media agencies and other partners.”



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