Competition Commission initiates investigation against TAM


Even as embattled TAM Media Research (TAM MRPL) is facing heat from majority of top broadcasters over alleged inconsistency and inaccuracy in television viewership ratings, its problems have just been compounded by the latest move by Competition Commission of India.

Acting on the complaint received from Prasar Bharati against TAM Media Research for alleged abuse of its dominant position in violation of Section 4 of the Competition Act, Competition Commission of India (CCI) has initiated an investigation against TAM. In a bid to get comments/views from third parties, CCI has written to the stakeholders on June 27, a copy of which is with Newsroom, asking them to furnish the information on following latest by July 18, 2013:

Brief introduction of your organisation and its activities, source of revenue, etc.Details of your market share in the market of television audience measurement from 2009-10 to 2012-13.

Please give your comments on the alleged dominant position of TAM MRPL in the market of measurement of television viewership in India.

Whether you have come across any conduct of the TAM MRPL which is in the nature of abuse of dominant position.

Whether TAM MRPL has indulged in any practice resulting in denial of market access in any manner of its competitors.Whether TAM MRPL has used its position to get advantage, leverage in other market.

Whether TAM MRPL has imposed any condition of exclusive supply while providing its services resulting in foreclosure of market for other competitors.

Whether the dominance of TAM is a result of its conduct in the market of ‘television audience measurement services’.

Details of the entry barriers in this market (including regulatory barriers, cost of capital, technical barriers, economies of scale, etc).

Whether these entry barriers are created by TAM MRPL.Any other information which you may like to furnish or may be aware of in this matter.

Based on the responses from the stakeholders, the commission will decide if there is a case to be made against TAM Media Research.

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