Katrina Kaif signed as ambassador for Johnson brand refresh


H&R Johnson (India) is going in for a brand refresh and has signed Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador. She will endorse the tile, bathroom products, engineered marble and quartz and modular kitchen businesses of the company.

This is the first time H&R Johnson (India) is roping in a celebrity brand ambassador since its incorporation in 1958. The company’s move to rope in Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador also coincides with H&R Johnson (India)’s refresh of the Johnson brand identity across its various businesses.

H&R Johnson (India) has signed Ogilvy India’s sister agency Soho Square as its creative partner. The company is planning to invest 2-3 per cent of its revenues on various marketing campaigns.

As part of the Johnson brand refresh, Soho Square has redesigned the brand identities of various businesses to be visually simpler in form while infusing vibrancy through the “choice & manner” in which brands have been represented. The most dominant and consistent aspect of the new logo design is the use of the “black, white & red mnemonic” across all the brands.

The brand refresh initiative aims to target the consumer through a unified force of product line innovations. It will allow the company to engage its corporate and project clients as well as the marketplace as a single, unified brand throughout the Indian sub-continent.



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