Channel V is back with Season 3 of Gumrah


After the success of its first two seasons, Channel V’s flagship show ‘Gumrah’ is back for Season 3. The new season premiered yesterday, July 7, at 7 PM.

The brand new episodes will continue to unravel teen crimes in our society which make criminals out of the youth. Taking a step ahead from the earlier seasons, Season 3 will focus on equipping the youth to avoid being victimised by the criminal elements at large in society; focusing on the thought ‘Be Aware, Be Prepared, Be Safe’.

Prem Kamath, GM & Channel Head, commented, “In our unique position as the one and only youth entertainment channel, we are well aware that we not only need to entertain the youth but also inform and prepare them. The VithU app is an extension of the show which equips society against unfavourable circumstances and can prevent their victimisation. Gumrah has been for the last two seasons guiding the youth through the dark corners of the mind. Season 3 took off from where we left last time and will make it even bigger and better.”



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