Avinesh Rekhi being called “Sadakchaap” by fans


Avinesh Rekhi who plays Sultan in Madhubala is currently not being appreciated by the audience for trying to disrupt RK and Madhubala’s relation.

According to the sources,”Avinesh receives letters and some threat full messages on his cell phone.The situation gets worse with some one messaging him the word “Sadakchaap”.

We contacted Avinesh Rekhi and he said “It’s all part of work and I have to bear the consequences.”

Come on people there is a huge difference between real and reel life and don’t judge people on the basis of their work.


16 thoughts on “Avinesh Rekhi being called “Sadakchaap” by fans

  1. ye bohot hi normal si baat hai isi media tak lane jaisa kya hai???aisa hate msg i think sare actors aur actress ko ata hai.AR showbiz mein abhi tak bachcha hai shayed.

  2. Avi dnt take it personally those fans are just stupid and hateful. Bt the reason why u are hated so much is that they just jealous of yr looks, acting and the awesome chemistry that u hav with dhasti. Actually they love u more than their fav they talk ab u all the time on the forum. It shows how popular u are. Even when u nt in the episode they still talk ab u thats how much u affect them. Bt u know what along with the hate there is a lot of love for your acting and your character so dnt think that only the haters are around there is alot of lov for u. And there are quite a few of us who just watch the show for u and skip the rest of the episode. And for most of us its the 1st time we are watching u.

  3. Hiw silly , why send him hateful messages. He is playing a character. Avi: You do it so well that others feel threatened!! ha ha good for you!! good acting !!

  4. hahaha gud whose pepole said to ar as a sadkchap ..its gud thing ..i lovd it he deserves this opportunity ..he really desrves sadkchap title [i mean sultan] nd itna publish karne kuya jarurat h ye tho normal thing hai…

  5. I m mb fan and not like sultaan.
    bt Avinaash is not sultaan in real and mb is only a serial, which need lead pair wid villain.
    so it is not gud to threat AR for his acting

  6. The people who are calling him sadakchaap are really getting insecure of his amazing acting skiils as in such a short span of time he has got so much popularity ……..thats why dey all are removing deir frustrations by doing all dis………..hope Avinesh will handle hit positively & just keep rocking as always……:)

    • i think so fans asa kuch kiya hai it,s a fack news hai kyu ki humlog rishabala ki fans hokervhi etnidino tak vivi&drasti ki ph num nahi piya hai offcourse we r hate sultan not avinesh we r reaspect avinesh or ha kisiki pass etni time nahi hai kisi ek serial ki ek roll ki bazasa insult karagi guyzs tumlogoko kuch khana hai toh cv&meieji team ko kaho ki respectable stry&dialuge entry not nastry not dialuge

  7. abuser ke fan aur kya ker sakte hai , this shows how popular he is even in haters hahaha , he is nice guys n very understanding he knows all this , but by doing all this ppl shown their crap mentality

  8. Are so whats the big issue here ……….. Agar showbiz mein kaam karna hai to ye sab to jhelna hi padega par har baat ke liye hume Rakhi sawant ki tarah “media ko bulaao media ko bulaao” nahi karna chahiiye ………… I hope Mr Rekhi understand this …in sab ke liye Media ko bata kar what he is trying to do???????

  9. This kind of hate messages is not new to the actors…many renowned celebrities has gone through this…what is the need to publicize it…but people involved in such kind of activities really have free time..get a life people..he is just playing a character an yes it is hated and rejected by most of the audience but as they say all this is part of the industry…he knew it when he started playing Sultan..AR mentioned it in one of the interviews..I hope channel recognizes they are doing a big mistake by increasing his not so loved cameo in the show

  10. What else can you expect from people who love abuser victim relationships and idolize an abusive char? Makes you srsly think about their upbringing and they must be a source of shame to their parents.

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