Jeremy Wade is back with a new season of ‘River Monsters’.


Animal Planet’s best-performing series follows extreme angler Jeremy Wade’s worldwide search for murky mankillers

In its new season, River Monsters takes the treacherous and mysterious to new heights with the most dangerous adventures of Wade’s lifetime. His journeys include a mission to Chernobyl’s nuclear wastelands in search of mutant fish in a tick-tock race against time to avoid radiation exposure, a trip to Nicaragua to capture an elusive killer torpedo, and a bloodthirsty quest on American soil in pursuit of a prehistoric underwater vampire.

In 1992 he published ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River’ (written with Paul Boote). This recounts the rediscovery of the Indian mahseer and the goliath tigerfish of the Congo and is considered to be one of the classics of angling literature.

These fantastic voyages kick off on Monday, July 1, at 8 PM with the monster-sized season opener ‘Face Ripper’. It will air every night at 8 pm from July 1.



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