Mukesh Khanna targets Shahrukh Khan for smoking


Newsroom is here with a explosive news from the recent conference Mukesh Khanna had with Pogo officials and media for launching a new telefilm on India’s first super hero Shaktimaan.

Newsroom reporter asked Mukesh Khanna,”Recently Shahrukh Khan didn’t mention Shaktimaan for being a superhero,what’s your take on it?

He replied in a explosive manner and his answer was “It’s not a big thing because Shahrukh was never a hero and he couldn’t be a public figure to children as he smokes. Shahrukh played RaOne but he is not a hero but just a fighter.”

So will Shahrukh Khan react to this statement or will he leave it is a thing to watch out for.



One thought on “Mukesh Khanna targets Shahrukh Khan for smoking

  1. Sorry shaktiman… Who gives a shit.

    You think one should think about asking the law makers and other so called heroes about smoking.

    Well, the sound of shaktiman flying is sub liminal misguidance to children. Fu fu fu fu fu fu… Sounds like f””” f””” f”””

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