Zee says “Pavitra Rishta will end if the leap doesn’t happen.”


This is a Newsroom exclusive article in which Zee officials make it clear to Newsroom.

Now recently media buzzed the news of various actors quitting the show due to the 20 year leap in Pavitra Rishta.While Rithvik Dhanjani,Asha Negi and Shakti Arora have confirmed to quit the show due to the leap.

Pavitra Rishta fans hold on to your breathes as we are going to reveal some thing which was issued by Zee to Balaji Telefilms.

Zee has made it clear that Pavitra Rishta will not take a leap if the actors quit in groups and they will end the show rather than continuing it and Pavitra Rishta is fairly constant in the TRP’s game.

Newsroom is keeping a close eye on this case and we will keep fans updated on the latest developments.



14 thoughts on “Zee says “Pavitra Rishta will end if the leap doesn’t happen.”

  1. whether t leap takes place o not n does pr ends ont depends on zee bt den want to c arvi…infact arvi get married to eachodr plzzzz in real lyf too….plzzz seriously more than watatchng u in pr n luvng u its gud na tht u get our love for lyf tym….u both rock…n kindly focus on arvi more in pr n der romance…

  2. Ritvik n asha , pls dnt quit!!!!!!!! v watch pr to c arjun purvi. not coz of ankitha… dnt b fool to bring again a leap n d sho ektha kapoor!!!!!!!!

  3. Arjun Purvi have fans all over the world and they have been waiting for their reunion with held breath, myself included. PR can move forward without leap, but it can’t do so without Arvi’s reunion, Sohams character getting accepted by all and also Teju’s character getting a proper due and Onir’s respectable exit. So Arjun Purvi no PR for most of us…..

  4. Whether you take leap or not, reunite Arjun Purvi as soon as possible. what is Zee TV doing? It showed the promo of Pari uniting her parents more than 2 months back and it still not happened. The makers have already destroyed once upon a time a very good show called Pavitra Rishta, and if they want Ovi and Onir to be a part of show after leap, I dunno how would viewers react to the lies of Arvi’s reunion? We don’t need these obstacles called double Os (Ovi and Onir) in Arvi’s life any ore. These days many people watch PR because of Arjun Purvi and not because of Ankita. So you better give a proper closure to Arjun Purvi’s love story,Soham’s story and Teju’s story. PR can continue to work around these characters as well.

  5. see one thing all the ekta serials only takes the leap see yeh rishta it has crossed 1200 episodes and it has taken only one leap of 4 years see saathiya it has crossed 3 yrs still no leap but look at all the ekta serials it always takes the leap ok let pr take the leap of 3-4 yrs but not of 18-20 yrs coz we didnt see the chemistry btw arjun and purvi and they have to show us their romance and then let them take a leap in nov or dec and also pl stop onir and ovi track and sohum is also imp so show their love story too and this will fetch u trps

  6. Reunite Arjun and Purvi and shut dis damn shw as soon as possible,bcz dere is nothing good left in dis.

    and pls stop buttering Ankita Lokhande bcz Pavitra Rishta is here today its nt bcz of her only its a team work
    in which dis actors lik Sushant Singh Rajput,Asha Negi,Rithvik Dhanjani,Usha Nadkarni,Savita Prabhune,
    Priya Marathe,Hiten Tejwani and many more r dere behind PR success, so stp giving all d attention to Ankita Lokhande
    as she is not at all trp gainer.

    If possible pls dnt take any leap and Run the PR stry ahead with Arjun Purvi Pari
    and after some days close dis shw.

    RITHVIK ASHA pls quit dis shw

  7. Seriously’ Don’t have the leap,you’re gonna lose most of the viewers..the heart of zee and pavitra rishta …These two people Rithvik and Asha! NOT ankita we don’t care about her weather its going be double roll or triple play. Rithvik & Asha as arjun and purvi are most talnted very good connecting chemistry / 1 jodi so please don’t lose them by having a 20yrs of leap which will bring your show down! Although it seemd like the episode no clear answer to….Arjun & Purvi reunion just nothing happenning…still that Onir and Ovi’s meaningless boring track is going on..we’re waiting for arjun purvi would together and have a beautiful love story? this is what we all the young or old genarations wants to be ? Ankita’s days are over..please don’t make her to rule the show? A shift in the prevailing attitude of a young generation! So Rithvik and Asha two are just fabulous they have got fans all over the world…Hope for the best..Thank you

    • Right said friend. PR cannot continue to survive if they don’t give a proper and a hapy closure to Arjun Purvi’s love story, ditto for Soham.

  8. Bye bye PR as Rithvik & Asha quit. Was watching and sticking around for them. The show should end – that’s better.

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