TV Actors put their life on risk for viewers entertainment: Newsroom Report


TV Actors or you can call them the stars that shine on your television sets who entertain you’ll for months or years but at the end of this aren’t they human beings who get stressed out after working for continuous hours.

Well we must say that the working conditions are inhuman or too unhygienic in which your favorite TV actors work in.

Newsroom’s reporter recently visited a set for a interview and looking at the sets we were stunned to see so many mosquitos breeding.No hygienic food,the make up artist room broken wall and if we continue there are many glitches in a set of a Indian Television fiction show and kudos to those actors who bear this atmosphere and have no complaints.

Can’t TV artist have air conditioned sets,clean drinking water and no mosquito breeding grounds.Is this such a big thing to ask for after the amount of work goes into making a episode.

Even the end to end script changes and re shooting of scenes,do they deserve that after working for hours.

Well definitely there have to be changes and that to soon.



6 thoughts on “TV Actors put their life on risk for viewers entertainment: Newsroom Report

  1. Give us a break guys!! Every single citizen of India has the right to live in a hygienic condition, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. Go & interview the soldiers who are working on the rescue operation in Uttarakhand? TV stars are lucky to be blessed with the love & affection of fans and are always in limelight….If they work hard, they get paid for it…Well, if you don’t like it, you have a choice to quit….don’t complain…Qualified Doctors, engineers, scientists, Koolies, maids also work hard to make their livelihood, some don’t even get paid for their hard work…Please stop cribbing…

  2. tv actors deserve to work in better conditions !!! they work day and night to produce amazing acting .. the least they deserve is to work in a good clean environment .. it is the right of every working person !!

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  4. If we make them stars,they really deserve 2 have the very best in working environments. Hope the changes come about sooooooooon!

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