Karan Singh Grover not feeling well due to the heat in Ajmer


Currently Qabool Hai cast is shooting in Ajmer for a important sequence for the show.

Gul Khan,Surbhi Jyoti and Karan Singh Grover had a press conference in which Newsroom reporter Deepika Bhansal was present in the press conference.

Karan Singh Grover,was not feeling well due to the heat in Ajmer and couldn’t answer the questions by media.Karan hope your feeling well,we understand that the heat is unbearable.

He said later to Deepika Bhansal,”The heat is unbearable and I am really feeling sick.I am not being arrogant with media but the heat is too much.”

Well its these working conditions what your actors have to face in daily life,don’t think they are arrogant or ignore media but they are human at the end of the day.

Want to know more,what your actors face in their daily life.Read this piece of news :
TV Actors put their life on risk for viewers entertainment: Newsroom Report



8 thoughts on “Karan Singh Grover not feeling well due to the heat in Ajmer

  1. ksg tack care ur health.and we are no aap fantastic actor forever media is a just a media but u are the know ur acting sense ksg ever power packt man i love u ksg ur qubbol hai aak superb yaar excited

  2. some media people thinks actors are not human no life they r public property. look at ksg he look really tired N ill. this person is working hard to entertain audience but instead appreciation some media people call him arrogant wow gr8. before also this media people make ksg life hell. they all now how popular ksg is thats why saying this all rubbish and this so called media people i want tell you that we all ksg fans love this arrogant karan singh grover no matter what we will all ways love you ksg and MR. KARAN SINGH GROVER UR better than THIS bollywood nd hollywood actor….

  3. get well soon karan. hum sab tumhe masti ki mood main dekhna chate hai qubool hai main……………………………………………….

  4. the life of an actor is not easy … karan we really appreciate all the hardwork u go through for us !!!

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